Mugabe Cabinet reshuffle: Recycling of dead wood

President R.G.Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe at the weekend promised a Cabinet reshuffle, which instead of inspiring hope evokes a sense of déjà vu.

Editorial Comment

In the past 18 years, Mugabe has literally had countless reshuffles and these have failed to bring spark to the economy and we do not expect any difference this time.

Instead of the reshuffle being about the economy or serving the country’s interests, it is certainly about Mugabe balancing factional issues in his party Zanu PF.

We will not hold our breath expecting new players in the new Cabinet, but we expect the same faces, with just new titles — a recycling of dead wood.

Mugabe is literally playing a game of musical chairs, where he is moving his lieutenants from one ministry to the next, but the end result is that the economy remains in the doldrums.

In the past three years, Mugabe has had no less than two Cabinet reshuffles, none of which have been inspiring, as the country’s fortunes went from bad to worse.

So with the latest changes, what Zimbabweans can expect is old wine in old casks, which will not change the country’s fortunes.

Excuse us for the pessimism, but we have been there before, where there are Cabinet reshuffles, whose main objective is a delicate factional balance rather than anything else.

With elections due in less than 12 months, Mugabe may not want to rock the boat too much and he will ensure that each faction is fairly served.

With the economy and social services in such peril, Zimbabwe would be better served by a new Cabinet, whose interests are not just in politics but also to serve and turn around the country’s fortunes.

In an ideal world, Mugabe would cast his net wider and look for technocrats, who are not afraid to confront him when he strays, rather than party sycophants, who will sing his praises just so they earn favour.

Also, Mugabe should be in a position to trim his Cabinet, as the country cannot afford a bloated executive.

There are several ministries that the country can do without, while the President can merge others.

However, as history is a good teacher, it will not be shocking to see the number of ministers increased, while others who were outright failures, are brought back.

Thus, the impending reshuffle does not excite, as we do not expect anything new.


  1. As long as he is there no amount of reshuffle would change anything. The only cabinet reshuffle that brought positive change was the inclusive gvt

  2. Fire the 2 VPs and make it a family affair by putting Grace on there, at least for once Zimbos will make up and demand real change.

  3. this reshuffle does not bring food on the table for the suffering zimbos. more problems being created through gossip.

  4. This another useless reshuffle because nothing much will change. Instead it is him who should be reshuffled because he has failed a countless times. What kind of president is he who creates a useless Ministry such the psychomotor ministry. Most of these ministers have been in government since independence and they haven’t achieved anything.

  5. He does not need to reshuffle his cabinet, he needs a new cabinet if he has to recover some lost pride. He has no ministers but bootlickers who have done nothing to prop him up his image.

  6. Indeed something will change because the new dead ministers coming in will want top vehicles while the few retired will take the ones they have with them. So we can expect our fiscus hole to widen

  7. Living a lie! Reshuffling the cabinet from a ‘loyalty’ standpoint at the expense of the scorecard is not only deflecting from the reality but also trying to thrive on falsehood.

  8. At times desperation does this to a man, guys let us pray until something happens, cause God only shall never let us down. He is watching and in his time he will step in- remember David`s arrogance, cruelty, selfishness,wickedness and all, God was watching and acted when he wanted to.

  9. Don’t be fooled you! Mugabe is the Croupier (he is the dealer and person who spins the wheel at a Casino table).No matter how many times he reshuffles, the Croupier does not lose his cards.In actual fact, the cards remain the same and do not change.Also, the Croupier is witty and clever enough to an extent that he keeps the most important cards close to his chest, ready to use them when the right opportunity arises.

    Mugabe will keep the Joker (a wild card or playing card found in most modern card decks).He will also keep the standard four suits namely clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.

    Mnangagwa is the Joker. Professor Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and other G40 members are the clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.So don’t expect much from the reshuffle because the cards will remain basically the same.The card game can not continue in the absence of cards.Get the metaphor?


  10. The only way to shuffle President Mugabe out of power is by making sure next year’s elections are free, fair and credible. We must demand the implementation of the democratic reforms before elections.

    It is madness to keep contesting elections we know are going to be rigged. MDC people admit, with no reforms Zanu PF will rig the vote, and yet they still want the flawed elections to go ahead because they have devised “Winning In Rigged Elections” (WIRE) strategies. They are not saying what these strategies are, they are top drawer secrets. Of course, this is a nonsense, this is like be asked to fight on the front line with no arms on the promise that the powerful and secret weapons will be issue at the front line. The truth is MDC have no WIRE strategies at all.

    We want free, fair and credible elections, just like any other nation where they hold democratic elections. We should not allow ourselves be led astray by MDC with their nonsensical promise of winning rigged elections. After 37 years of rigged elections with the same Zanu PF landslide victory; we are being foolish to even listen to this MDC nonsense.

  11. kkkkkkkkk reshufle to the oldest president also.At 92 years shuwa zvimwe zvacho dai matinyarawo sekuru Mugabe.That leadership anointing was gone more than a decade ago.Why blaming all you ministers that you can reshuffle them after reshuffle.Daidzai akatidzikunura kubva kumabearer check vamunogarotuka.

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