Mthwakazi manifesto pushes devolution agenda

Stanley Raphael Khumalo unveiling the flag which he says must be hoisted all over Mthwakazi after his inauguration when he officially starts his reign

THE secessionist Mthwakazi Republic Party (MPP) last week launched its 2018 election manifesto anchored on the need for devolution of power.


MRP president, Mqondisi Moyo said the party’s manifesto is tailored towards pushing for the restoration of the state of Mthwakazi.

“The most important aspect about the MRP manifesto is that it gives practical programmes, commitments and actions on what is to be done by the MRP government that shall lead to the taking political power in all Mthwakazi regions in the 2018 general elections.

“MRP shall contest elections in order to win political power in Mthwakazi. We will use political power to restore the state of Mthwakazi as a separate country from Zimbabwe as was the case before colonialism by Unilateral Declaration of Independence and Zimbabwe,” Moyo said in his address to journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club on Thursday.

MPP was formed in January 2014 with the sole objective of restoring the Mthwakazi kingdom. The party will be contesting the country’s elections for the first time since it was launched three years ago.

Moyo has said the party will, however, only field candidates in Midlands, Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South. The party has already selected its candidates.

The 67-page MRP manifesto highlights a plethora of grievances against the government, emanating from the government’s perceived discrimination of the Matabeleland region.

“The land question is still not being addressed transparently and still not yet belongs to us, but continues to change from the hands of whites to Shona-speaking people at our expense,” the manifesto read.

The party also bemoaned the belittling of the role which former Zimbabwe People’s Revolution Army (ZPRA) ex-combatants played during the liberation struggle.

“ZPRA veterans are still neglected and their role in the armed struggle remains unrecognised. Mthwakazi people are still trapped in poverty and deprived of education, land and employment,” the document stated.


  1. Like all opposition political parties in the Republic MPP is ideologically bankrupt is wishes to thrieve on the tribal card …what a shame on them but however don’t be overzealous on this project to split the land of our mother land Zimbabwe…least you forget that Mzilikazi like the whites equally colonised our beloved motherland. STOP IT….

    • “our motherland Zimbabwe” also means Zimbabwe belongs to the secessionists as well because at moment they are Zimbabweans. They therefore should be allowed to secede if they feel it works better for them. Next should be the Manyikas and use their diamond money to create for themselves a little Botswana.

      • 1830s – Ndebele people fleeing Zulu violence and Boer migration in present-day South Africa move north and settle in what becomes known as Matabeleland.

        Source BBC…

        Lets be united under the Republic of Zimbabwe Cdes….

        • 1830-1890s – European hunters, traders and missionaries explore the region from the south. They include Cecil John Rhodes.

          1889 – Rhodes’ British South Africa Company (BSA) gains a British mandate to colonise what becomes Southern Rhodesia.

          Source BBC……

  2. We cant have for President a Gukurahundi leader, Mnagangwa. And we refuse to have ZANU barking orders at us. We want to run our own cities without interference from ZANU. That time will come just like Mugabe’s has come.

  3. MRP is bankrupt of ideas ,and is hoping to play the Tribal card.This whole issue of Mthwakazi state doesnt hold water.We might as well go back into history and u will see the Ndebele r from Sout Africa,the Shona from Central africa,no one owns any part of the country,we r all invaders so this separate state issue doesnt make any sense

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