Moyo faces backlash over HIV remarks

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

THE Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) yesterday criticised Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo for “recklessly” insinuating that prolonged intake of anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) could cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

In a statement, the association expressed fear that Moyo’s “reckless” utterances on Twitter could promote stigmatisation and lead some patients on HIV treatment to discontinue their treatment for fear of the alleged side effects.

Moyo, who is embroiled in a nasty factional fight with Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, at the weekend insinuated that the Vice-President’s vomiting at the Zanu PF youth interface rally in Gwanda two months ago could have been induced by excessive intake of antibiotics or ARVs.

Moyo, in his Twitter remarks, said: “The lot with my TL with crap about poison and food poison must note that chronic use of antibiotics or ARVs also induces vomiting and diarrhoea.”

ZADHR said the sharp-tongued minister’s remarks could be wrongly interpreted as true.

“The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights condemns in the strongest of terms the recent statements allegedly made by Prof Moyo on his Twitter account,” ZADHR said.

“The message, which in our interpretation was part of his response to the Zanu PF circus over succession battles, if wrongly interpreted by the public may lead to defaulting of ART (antiretroviral therapy), ill-informed fear to be initiated on ART and as a disincentive for HIV counselling and testing.”

The group added: “ZADHR maintains that as the country strives to achieve its HIV 90/90/90 targets, such irresponsible, unrestrained and misinformed assertions on ART that lead to a pervasive fear of ART usage must be publicly rebuked.

“The minister, whose portfolio spans over the higher and tertiary institutions including the prestigious College of Health Sciences in Zimbabwe, is strongly advised to seek information and knowledge from the rich body of knowledge and research on HIV and Aids before making insensitive remarks on social media.

“ZADHR also wishes to redirect Prof Moyo, Cabinet ministers and President Robert Mugabe towards addressing the debilitating drug shortages in our hospitals and the spiralling economic decline.”


  1. Jonah is free to say whatever he wants as long it affects mnangagwa. hapana zvaanoitwa. Iye Mugabe anotoita seasina kuzvinzwa. Ko kuzoti dai zvataurwa neumwe munhu, then it was going to be a big issue

  2. Comment… Chero zvose zvinotaurwa na Grace pama rally its all scripts written na Jonso, you hear Mugabe talking against his party officials to desist from using social media to attack each other but Jonso is always doing that but no rebuke, so what does this mean, he is in charge.

  3. The doctors should also have mentioned whether prolonged intake of ARV’s can lead to diarrhoea. And if it doesn’t they should have mentioned. They should have mentioned how it can be mitigated if it really causes diarrhoea

  4. Doctors, do not doctor us on politics. tell us the truth,does it or does it not? Do not tell us that he should not say that or he should have consulted you.If you wait to be consulted people shall be forced to say what they could have picked from the internet.

  5. Comment…Mugabe is no longer in charge he’s now a puppet of Gire and Jonah, please Gire leave the old man in peace you have milked enough , leave us in peace ,siyacela

  6. people are very wrong and misinformed when they insinuate that DR Grace is now ruling Zimbabwe .NOOO , Jonsorald is now the President of this country.Dr amai,Baba Amai,Dr Mzembi and all te bootlickers association gets their scripts from the Professor,who is extrememely good at what he does,either building or destroying.

  7. Musorobhangu is not a professor. A Prof would think before talking or airing such things on twitter.

  8. For a whole minister to promote stigmatization,against HIV positive is highly irresponsible. All just to score political points.It only shows how shallow and childish ZPF politics have become.

  9. Thina we just wanna belong to our mthwakazi republic and continue with our lives in an healthy way asifun bumbulu

    • You will have to go to Chief Mangosuthu Buthulezi he may probably cut out a portion for you in Durban, but Be prepared to answer the “Who are you” question. You may want Zuma as your front runner to do the introductions for you…. Of coz you will need a very strong party of praise singers doing the “Bayethe Ngonyama” thing. Dont say I didnt tip you….

  10. no wonder why they are called ZADHR! this is utter rubbish, gibberish
    they just put out a ‘reaction’ so that someone might perhaps know them, given how unknown – and clearly irrelevant – they are

  11. Jonathan kkkkkk was once a professor nzara yakamudzora ku standard 6. Zvino ongoita zvose zvose kuti asafe nenzara.

  12. the feud between the chi40 and lacoste benefits who ? half of the country migrated but people continue to say nonsense

  13. Temba Mliswa challenged you to take him to court for being gay as he has evidence. You chickened out because your rectum has been enlarged and you feared Mliswa could order examination by doctors. Kubatwa neHIV zviri nani pane kuitwa mukadzi nevamwe varume. Musoro wako unotaura wega kuti wakazara mvura hauna brain.

  14. kuti kunyepa here ukanwa madrugs kwenguva yakareba zvine maside effects whether unoshora azvitaura kana kuti kwete hazvitaure kuti ichokwadi

  15. Prof said ‘chronic use’ and not normal or prolonged use, there’s a difference. He’ll just point you all to his exact words, never mind the science or the implications.

  16. @man.I suppose you have not had you dictionary for a very long time.what are you trying to explain? Whether it’s true or not,we say no to stigmatization.Unenge vakangodaro daro-wo sa Robinwood.

  17. The government bureaucracy has grown by 3 more ministries.
    Did the “president” pass arithmetic or economics? What he does defies both.

  18. i think the wrong thing that the honourable minister did is to insinuate that his rival was taking either of the 2.Thats kind of uncool regarding that its too personal and sensitive a matter.But otherwise,just from the surface of the statement,nothing stigma about that statement here because he mentioned either antibiotics or arvs,yet everyone is rushing to the arvs,ceasefire between the 2.may there be peace!

  19. @MisCaroll.You blinded by your Honourable minister who read 20th century books trying to imply it in 21st century.well it won’t work.

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