Motivational writer launches debut publication


MOTIVATIONAL author, Taziva Mapango, on Saturday launched his debut publication, This One Thing I Do, at a colourful ceremony in Kadoma.


The guest of honour at the event, Celebration Church Kadoma pastor, Leo Tsumba, described Taziva as a focused young man whose book was filled with life-transforming nuggets.

“The book will impact readers young and old in ways many books fail to do,” he said.

The cleric noted that the book was going to stir the hunger for God in readers.

“There is a new age error that purports the idea of you running your own race, doing your own thing outside God. But you need the kingdom mentality of building people, building dreams and building the kingdom of God.”

Mapango said his book was meant to ignite young people to pursue their purpose.

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life with the wrong priorities. I wrote the book to inspire our generation to take the art of writing seriously,” he said.

Mapango said difficult life experiences inspired him to document his ideas and “encourage someone that no matter the background or life’s situations one can pursue his or her dream”.

Another cleric, Manuere Muzondo, hailed Mapango for the publication of the book, which he said was going to be valuable to many people.

Author and speaker, Simba Nyamadzawo, told the gathering that Mapango had made history.

“Taziva will not be forgotten because he has done something. He has written a book,” Nyamadzawo said.

He said buying the book would be an investment into the future and an acknowledgment of Mapango’s drive to fulfil his divine assignment.

“Ask yourself, what’s my assignment? Walk the path of your purpose. Jesus could have opened a bakery or butchery. But he did not for he knew his one thing,” he said.

Bids for the first copy ranged from $10 to $100.


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