Mnangagwa allies cry foul


VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mangagwa’s Team Lacoste camp has vowed to fight back the recent suspension of its four allies in Masvingo and Midlands provincial executive, claiming the suspensions were unconstitutional, as none of the affected provinces had raised any charges against the quartet.


The VP’s allies claimed the suspensions, which could demobilise the camp ahead of the party’s December extra-ordinary congress, were allegedly engineered by their G40 rivals to derail Mnangagwa’s bid to challenge President Robert Mugabe’s candidature.

Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere last week suspended Masvingo provincial chairman, Ezra Chadzamira, provincial youth league political commissar Brian Munyoro, Midlands acting vice-chairman Godwin Shiri and provincial youth secretary for administration Justice Mayor Wadyajena, accusing them of fanning factionalism, disrespecting the party leadership and abusing social media.

The four were believed to be staunch supporters of the under-fire Vice-President, who faces allegations of State capture and plotting to unseat Mugabe ahead of next year’s general elections.

“A lawsuit or legal recourse against constitutional abusers is allowed in the Zanu PF constitution. Therefore, from hence forth, it’s game on. The purported suspension of the four cadres is unconstitutional, null and void. Section 70 of the Zanu PF constitution says the Zanu PF national disciplinary committee (NDC) can direct disciplinary
proceedings to be transferred to the NDC before they are completed or commenced,” a highly-placed source privy to the goings-on said.

“Transferring disciplinary proceedings means there has to be a lower disciplinary committee transferring disciplinary proceedings to the NDC. In this case, it’s the provincial disciplinary committee that is supposed to transfer disciplinary proceedings to the NDC upon request by the NDC.”

The source added: “They (suspensions) are a ploy to weaken VP Mnangagwa ahead of the extra-ordinary congress. They do not only violate the Zanu PF constitution, but go against the grain and spirit of two things President Mugabe has said. He said suspensions must stop and that party processes must be followed when a matter arises — none of the two has been adhered to.”

The sources said a resistance plan was being hatched to counter the move.

Midlands provincial spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri yesterday said a plan would only be unveiled after today’s executive meeting.

“We will release a statement after a meeting tomorrow (today) . . . we are still not aware where the charges are emanating from because as a province, we have no complaints against Shiri and Wadyajena. Our constitution is clear on how disciplinary issues are carried out, but I cannot say much because we have not been favoured with the letters of suspension,” he said.

Another source close to Mnangagwa accused Kasukuwere of applying double standards, whereby he “rushed” to suspend the quartet after allowing Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and Manicaland Provincial Affairs Mandiitawepi Chimene to go scot-free after publicly dressing down the Vice-President on several occasions.

The sources said Kasukuwere and his G40 handlers’ selective application of the law in Zanu PF showed that the charges were nothing, but blatant fabrications meant to push out Mnangagwa from the succession race.

“They are pruning people perceived to be backing him with the hope that he will be left as a seating duck. If they want to isolate the VP, they have to fire everyone except Moyo and Kasukuwere,” NewsDay further heard.

Efforts to contact Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, administration secretary Ignatius Chombo and Kasukuwere were fruitless as their mobile phones went unanswered yesterday.

At the time of going print, both Chombo and Kasukuwere had not responded to questions sent on their mobile phones.


  1. The real Zanupf should now also start preparing for its own extra-ordinary congress. We are tired of the expulsion, suspension and demotion games. The Vp has been humiliated and scandalised a million times by all sorts of people big and small but no one has been disciplined for it. Enough is enough. Taneta nemahumbwe.

    • We are now sick and tired of being sick and tired of being abused by one person who thinks he is more than everybody because some old one center of power reinstated him when the majority rejected him now he is “fixing” whats not broken. People fought for one man one vote not for one man votes for all or one family

    • The best phrase to describe this is “Kurumwa nechokuchera” It pains everyone to hear the man saying that he was the only one who stood by Mugabe when he lost the presidential elections in 2008. So if he defeated democracy then he has to face the music. This is exactly what they have been inflicting on the opposition all the years since 2000. Ngoma ndiyo ndiyo. Muzukuru achinja cup

  2. Kundinyenyeredza
    Kundinyenyeredza munzira vanondidedera
    Nyangwe kutondizonda,
    ndakavaorora ini
    Kundizonda ndakavaremera ini
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    He-e rasvika gamba
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  3. the real zanu (pf) from chipinge to kariba, nyamapanda to beit bridge is watching the current madness in zanu(pf) with keen interest. come 2018 we will be the REAL kingmakers.

  4. vanokangamwa kuti ivovana typhoid vakarambwa kare nevanhu vakatoita zvokumanikidzirwa pavanhu ipapo havovodazve kutodzinga vana “Odinga” vavanoziva kuti havadzingiki nokuti vakaiswapo nevanhu kwete nemunhu. Chi one power center ichichachanyanya and its now being abused because of old age. In the end it will no longer be relevant its abusing our respect for it and taking everything for granted

  5. The real Zanu PF cadres will show Mugabe and his G40 that Zimbabwe is not his property. Come election time we shall vote for real Zanu PF MPs and Councillors but not Mugabe. We will vote whoever will be contesting him and G40 should know the end is nigh. Kasukuwere was rejected by all provinces and we know he is riding on Mugabe’s back to do whatever he is doing. Vote out G40 by NOT VOTING for Mugabe. Chatsva muna 2018

  6. “selective application of the law” kkkkk it’s interesting that it’s now happening within zany pf. when it was happening to mdc you said no such thing exists! enjoy it.

  7. Siyai vakadero vaite madiro, ndiyo inonzi politics kana vanhu vaMnangagwa vachidzingwa ngavadzingwe avo havana basa Grace Mugabe Ndizvo….

  8. Todii NeZanu. Soon mazingwa anenge ava kutengeka paLine. Unotoriwana Zingwa waita sweat for it. 2008 yadzika tende zvakare muZimbabwe. Akomana Ere. Musharukwa anonzi Mugabe ngaatinzwire tsitsi

  9. The Machiavellian tactics being employed against E.D. and his perceived allies confirm the old adage that when a hyena wants to devour its children, it first accuses them of smelling like goats. It also serves to confirm that E.D. is a massive threat to the continued rulership of the Dear Leader. No-one in the party can win against E.D. in a free and fair election that is why his political pedestal is being mercilessly hammered ahead of the Extra-ordinary Con-Grace.

  10. The Machiavellian tactics being employed against E.D. and his legion of allies serve to confirm the old adage that when a hyena wants to devour its children, it first accuses them of smelling like goats. E.D. is indeed so big a threat to the Dear Leader’s unfettered rulership that he an Extraordinary Con-Grace has been called to decisively deal with him

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