Mkwananzi accused of abusing Tajamuka funds

INTERNATIONAL funders of #Tajamuka/Sesijikile social movement have reportedly crossed swords with the group’s leader, Promise Mkwananzi, whom they accused of abusing thousands of dollars mobilised to bankroll the social movement’s activities.


The fallout escalated over the weekend after the donors, who preferred anonymity, released a schedule of payments channelled to the organisation through Mkwananzi, but were allegedly diverted by the latter.

This came amid reports that the donors had already paid for Mkwananzi’s wife to enrol at Argosy University in the United States of America.

“For some time, we provided online support, advice and financial assistance to Tajamuka,” one of the funders who claimed to have been excited by #ThisFlag and Tajamuka’s visibility in Zimbabwe, said.

“We said #ThisFlag was the soul of Zimbabwe and Tajamuka was the action that resulted from the suffering of the soul. To support action on the ground there were several activities. To finance activities and #Tajamuka members we gave money to Promise who was in turn was supposed to distribute to people on the ground. We thought the money was getting to the people, but it was not so. That money was diverted for other purposes and we have realised thousands of dollars we sent went into his pocket.”

The funders also claimed to have a Subaru vehicle for Tajamuka campaign activities, but Mkwananzi allegedly personalised the car.

Although Mkwananzi was not picking his mobile phone yesterday, some correspondence released by other activists showed there was concerted effort to make him account for the alleged missing funds.

Last year, Tajamuka led a series of countrywide demonstrations against the Zanu PF-led government.


  1. commodification of the struggle. Everyone is in it for money! Empty gongs!!!!

  2. Tajamuka yakaJamuka zveshuwa…

  3. Like I have been saying until zimbos change our line of thought then we are doomed already. We lack real selfless leaders with a passion for masses and development for all. All these so called leaders have personal gains insight none of them really cares for us now imagine Promise already squandering mere change kuzoti mukamupa chigaro gegege zvangu

  4. They are rotten from the core if we are not careful we wil be used by these overnight champions of democracy who pursue selfish interests just like the politicians of the day. We should demand for selfless leaders

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