Mhosva – carrying dreams of a nation


BEAUTY queen Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva on Thursday night flew out of the country carrying the weight of an expectant nation as she hopes to fly the Zimbabwe flag high at an international pageant that has never been kind to her fellow countrywomen.


The 22-year-old Miss Zimbabwe faces the biggest test of her modelling career at the prestigious Miss World set for November 18 in Sanya, China.

Perhaps the warmth of a mother’s embrace would do the magic for her because when she hugged her mother at Harare International Airport, her hope was to do the nation proud — unmoved by her motherland’s unflattering record at the world pageant.

Following the big send-off by Miss Zimbabwe Trust delegates, Mhosva will battle for the coveted crown with 120 other beauties from across the globe at the 67th edition of the pageant.

The film and acting student told NewsDay Weekender just before her departure that she was optimistic of doing well.

“I am more than ready and raring to go. I do understand that Zimbabwe expects the best from me and I pray that I will make the nation proud, as I was well-groomed and have the skills that I require to be the best,” she said.

“I don’t want to promise the world much, but I promise that I am going to give my best. I thank everyone for the support,”
She paid tribute to the Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson, Marry Chiwenga, for all her efforts to ensure that her journey to the world pageant was smooth.

Chiwenga expressed confidence in the model, saying she had left no stone unturned during her preparations.

“She is somebody that I am very proud of. When I look at her, she is beautiful both inside and out and she is intelligent. I am hoping this time the title is definitely coming our way because we have beautiful and intelligent Chiedza,” she said.

According to the official Miss World website, this year’s pageant sees the introduction of the Head-to-Head Challenge events were contestants will be divided into 20 groups of six countries with the winner of each challenge group automatically qualifying for the Miss World Top 40 Round.

Each contestant in the 20 groups will get two minutes to make a presentation of themselves during live broadcasts before answering questions from the presenter and online community, with the public getting the chance to vote for the winners of each group.

“If a contestant does not win her Head-to-Head Challenge, she still has a chance to be in the Top 40 by winning a fast-track or through judges’ selections,” the statement read.

“The organisers reserve the right to amend the format and rules as may be required for the successful running of the event. The number of countries in each group may vary or be subject to change.”

While contestants will be judged through a talent challenge, a closed-door interview, athletic challenges as well as the beauty with a purpose challenge before the grand finale, Mhosva is confident that her prowess in athletics will help her to automatically qualify into the top 40.

“I am very good at marathon so I am looking forward to it that it will be something that will help me to acquire some points,” she said.

Since becoming Miss World Zimbabwe, Mhosva launched a Beauty with a Purpose project focusing on cervical cancer and she donated half of her $10 000 prize money towards sanitary towels for the Doma women in Chief Chapoto’s area of Kanyemba.


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