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Met dept on Mat South climate change campaign


The Meteorological Services has embarked on a programme to conscientise Matabeleland South villagers on issues of climate change.
In an interview with Southern Eye, chief meteorologist Rodgers Munyira said he started the programme in the province, but will spread it to the country’s nine provinces except Harare.


“With the help from any willing partners, I wish to reach all remote areas and enhance their preparedness for the coming planting season through the forecast and climate smart agricultural advisory,” Munyira said.

“I also cascade the daily forecast to a wide range of participants at province and district levels on the social platform,” he said.
The Met Department is partnered in its outreach programme to disseminate climate forecast with Practical Action in Mangwe (Mayobodo, Sanzukwi and Tjitji) and Bulilima (Khame and Malalume).

Munyira said the Met Department is no longer interested in broadcasting the forecast on television, radio, but they are now at provincial level, where they want to visit rural areas and help educate communities on the issue of climate change and what to plant during short seasons or whether they can keep livestock.

“We are no longer running as singular, but we are now involving programmes like going on outreach and educating villagers and farmers in rural areas,” he said.

He said the programme is running in nine provinces in the country except Harare.

“I explained myself in relation to Livelihood Centred Disaster Risk Reduction (LCDRR), Provincial Civil Protection Committee (PCPC), Provincial Development Committee (PDC), intended distribution of early warning radios in disaster-prone areas stressing
that they do not impose on recipients, but are guided by the vulnerable communities and other community structures like the government, traditional and political,” he said.

“Dissemination of climate forecast to all customers or stakeholders, mainstreaming climate change in agricultural extension and climate smart agricultural initiatives, a rain gauge per ward with special preference to dams [manned by Zimbabwe National Water Authority), irrigation scheme (with Agritex monitoring) as initiative then last illustration of meaning of terms in climate forecast (normal below and normal above) then issue it.”

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