Men urged to assist in fighting gender-based violence

Abuse in love relationships is an issue of concern these days and all of us who understand what love is and all about should rise up and help our fellow humans, who are struggling in this area

Zimbabwe United Nations Association president Fischer Chiyanike has called on men to get involved in the gender equality campaign so that they can assist in raising the living standards of women, as well as take part in the campaign to end gender-based violence.


Chiyanike said this on Tuesday during the Zimbabwe United Nations Association (Zuna) Orange Day campaign against gender-based violence which was held at Allan Wilson High School in Harare.

The day was marked by children from different schools in Harare, through drama, debate and discussions on gender roles and gender-based violence.

“It is imperative that men and boys get involved in raising awareness to end all forms of gender-based violence, especially against women and girls,” Chiyanike said.

“Orange Day is celebrated on the 25th of each month to raise awareness on all forms of gender-based violence and to teach people on what to do in such circumstances.”

Zuna gender officer Cleopatra Matimbe said men must also be empowered on issues of gender-based violence because some of them were victims of abuse yet they were silent because of fear of shame to report such cases.

She said schoolchildren needed to be empowered on issues of gender-based violence so that they are able to report such cases when abused.

Junior mayor of Harare Elton Phiri said: “As the junior mayor, I have already started the One Million Pads campaign, where we plan to raise millions of packets of sanitary wear for girls because we have realised that it is a serious need, especially among underprivileged girls.”