MDC Alliance wants Zim to use rand

The nation would lose less with the rand unlike with bond notes and we are saying the rand is a better devil as compared to the bond notes

THE MDC-Alliance led by Morgan Tsvangirai will join the Rand Monetary Union (RMU) if it wins power in the 2018 general elections, as part of its cocktail of economic solutions to Zimbabwe.


Tendai Biti, leader of People’s Democratic Party and former Finance minister, who is one of the leaders of the alliance, said Zimbabwe would do better economically by formally joining RMU.

The union is made up of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland, where the countries’ currencies are directly pegged to the South African rand.

“In the mid-term, we contend that the government must join the Rand Monetary Union and must adopt the rand as the principal currency of exchange in Zimbabwe, as South Africa is already our biggest trading partner anyway,” Biti said.

Zimbabwe dollarised in 2009 and has been using a basket of currencies since, but the US dollar has become the preferred tender for exchange.

Biti said the long-term goal would be regional integration and use of a single currency like what happens in the euro zone.

“In the long term, the government must push for regional integration and the establishment of a monetary union in the Sadc and Comesa region. The regional currency in the new monetary union is Zimbabwe’s long-term currency,” he said.

The alliance, among other things, also proposes State-owned enterprises reform and finalisation of the land question.

“The reform of parastatals is long overdue, as it is necessary. We propose the rationalisation of State-owned enterprises through disposals and commercialisation,” Biti said.

He said most of the parastatals had become vehicles of patronage under Zanu PF and gave examples of the rot at Air Zimbabwe, Cold Storage Commission, Grain Marketing Board, Ziscosteel and Zimbabwe Development Bank.

The alliance, Biti said, would also look into industrialisation, re-engagement with the international community and resolution of the debt crisis, new mining laws and restoration of human dignity through setting up safety nets for the poor.


  1. kkkk this is total crap, guys you are not yet there first galvanise people to go and register to vote that is what matters for now.

    • You really think people need to be galvanised to register with what is happening to the country? Who ever is normal does not need to be pushed because things have gone badly and needs each and everyone of us to act not to wait for someone to galvanize you to register.

      • the numbers by ZEC seem to be at variance with your thoughts meaning to say the majority need someone to think for them

  2. Comment…Yestrday you were busy telling anybody who cared to listen that elections are rigged by nikov and cio. Today you want to tell the same to go and register when they know the elections will be rigged. Please be consistent

    • not sure what this is all about but i have never missed my constitutional right since 85 and am not like the majority of numskulls who believe that voting does not change anything.

  3. Elisha you should know that people get that infiuence to vote through policies that a political party wishes to implement once elected into power.Thats the most effective way of of galvanising people to go and register.You cannot just persuade people to go and register to voet when you don’t tell them whats in it for them.

    • The situation is different now, nobody is worried with policies but what poeple want is just change for the sake of it then we look at policies later. You sell policies in stable economies like europe etc but not in this case you only offer a good alternative face and thats it you score.

    • I have listened to the opposition parties, they have been telling those prepared to hear what they will do if they win the elections. We choose to read what we from newspapers and personally I have found that by reading our newspapers we may never get the zimbabwe. They do very few interviews with these parties rather they choose some loud mouthed people who always criticise the opposition and we stay with that without even listening to what the parties say. Surely its time responsible papers must start some serious journalism, engage these people and ask them what is it they plan for Zimbos. All you hear are them quoting underwear oppoistion MPs criticising fellow opposition members and we think these guys have nothing to offer. Already Biti told us they will turn the economy of Zim to a 100billion dollar economy but we ridicule him without even facts. We are used to a vendor economy where thieves are thriving and think a 100 billion dollar economy is not possible.

  4. Educate people that, there is no need of proof of residence ot vote registration, there an affidavit that is being filled at the registration centre and this affidavit that point will act as a proof of residence.

    • very sorry i wrote this message being under pressure that i omitted some important areas for my message to be reasonable to be heard.

    • i do not know were you get all these stories from please visit the centres first and have a genuine story to tell, i was there with my whole gang and it took us less than 10 minutes to go through the process including those who had no proof or residence. So ladies and gentlemen lets not follow what we hear through the tabloids but at times you lose nothing by getting first hand information through your physical presence at the cenres.

  5. People like Vembuya seem to use their feet to think.Have you ever stopped to go to work just because you have never achieved anything worthwhile all your working life?You still go to work everyday no matter how hard it is because you have hope and faith that one day things will change for the better.The same applies in voting,people know that their votes have been stolen for the past years but that hope of achieving total freedom and independence no matter how brutal the regime is ,should never go away because the moment it goes away there won’t be anything that will motivate you to do anything even to live.People should always have hope that it is just one day that the dictator will definitely go.

    • Where did I tell people not to register and not to vote. I am registered and am going to vote. Show me where I have asked people not to vote. I just criticise opposition people who think opposing fellow opposition members is virtue.

    • I think its you scratching your back when you are think, no its the head which you should use. i said one does not need to be pushed to register because the situation itself forces you to go register and also go and vote. Ndati munhu anofunga haade kuitirwa rally kuti regista kuvhota, wega unotosimuka nekuti zvinhu hazvina kumira mushe. Maybe you now understand.

  6. Re-engagement with international community? Makazvitadza paGNU wani? America yakatoramba kubvisa masanctions aamaamakumbira as if ndivo vakange vaaisa vega. Zimbos??? we always shoot ourselves on the foot, kutiza tichada, ZanuPf and MDCs alike.

    • If you were in the country you will agree with many that GNU brought some semblance of normality to the country. Sanctions against brutality was never lifted and should never be lifted but most companies which are not linked to brutality have been doing business with the West.Tell us which company was denied anything if its not linked to human rights abusers? Look at the figures my friend how much trade we have done with UK, USA and then check what we have done with Iran for example.Yet we fly thousands of kilometers to speak o behalf of Iran and North Korea, seriously talking of sanctions pakadai is madness.

  7. I think its time we encourage each other to register and vote. We have suffered long enough, we preserved day and night in long bank queues for just $20, spare a little time and register to vote, elections have been rigged whatever but lets not lost hope, where there is a will there is always a way. Think about the future of your children your one vote will make a difference.

  8. I thought Biti is a Lawyer someone who reads widely and understand the dynamics of societies, being part of RMU will not help our situation but to become a laughing stock of the region, if SA economy is down graded to junk status we go with it Namibia is going down because of that RMU. What I think is best is to build bridges with progressive countries and have our industries work again and have our own currency. We may call it Biti Dollar, Tsvangi Dollar Nehanda Dollar as long as its ours as Zimbabweans.

    • Correct! Biti’s thinking is warped and myopic. If they get into power they need the get Zimbabwe working again by enacting friendly investment policies/laws thereby allowing FDI to flow in, enact proper governance laws thus eliminate corruption, support export markets growth to generate forex, reduce government expenditure and focus more on the productive sector and reduce recurrent expenditure, safeguard property rights, etc. The economy will start functioning again and rather than adopting the Rand and becoming a province of SA introduce our own currency once our forex reserves improve to say 1-3 year cover.

  9. mafirakureva nachunga madofo evanhu zim dollar yawati as long iri yedu is non existant haiko yakaparara.economy inofamba sei?pasina mari chunga kutaura kwausina kuswera handifunge une bank account ine mari svinu so shut up isu tine mari tipihwe mari dzedu.hurumende yedu ine zvikwereti zvinoda kubhadharwa nemari kwete zim dollar nekuti haipo iwe mafirakureva kunyangwe ikapritwa haishande get it into your thick headed nonsense.mainvesta haasi kuuya kusvika taratidza kukura semazimba.1-3yr cover urikuitora kupi?babaa zvakaitwa muzim the next president opposition or ruling ari pama1 zvinotora makore but makore anogona kuita mashoma kana tikashandisa rand but nekuti varungu varimazviri bhobho haadi period kwaari idefeat

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