Mbeu, Mopo for Zibah night


Fast-rising Afro-fusion musician Ashton Nyahora, better known as Mbeu in music circles, will tomorrow night join legendary Mike Mopo’s son Potipher, at the first edition of Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub (Zibah) Nights to be held at Wheel and Ease (Wezhaz) Bar in Warren Park 1.


Of the event, Wheel and Ease proprietor and Zibah vice-chairperson, Exevia Maoneke said the local arts industry had a lot to offer and the Zibah Nights were their way of promoting and celebrating local talent.

“Zimbabwe is awash with talent and at Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub, we are there to promote excellence and productivity in local business, media and the arts. This edition of Zibah night is, thus, a first of many such events we will hold to celebrate and promote local talent,” he said.

The affable commodity broker, social entrepreneur and business leader said the local arts and business sectors have a lot to offer if supported.

“Excellence is critical for the growth of every sector and we are happy to be hosting Mbeu and Potipher, as we start on a journey to success. The two young artistes are immensely talented and with the right support can make a difference,” Maoneke said.

Mbeu’s manager, Eugene Museredza, said they were happy to be part of the ground-breaking Zibah Night event and were geared to give their best.

“Every artiste, no matter how good, can only thrive, if given a platform and we thank Zibah and Club Wheel and Ease for the platform,” he said.

Mbeu has been on a steady rise since unveiling his first album coupled with the video to the much-loved song Mavanga, which is getting airplay on Trace TV.

Zibah, which recently marked its first anniversary, has made significant progress in promoting the arts as a way of growing the brand.

“It has been an exciting journey to date and we continue exploring new ideas that add value to our mission,” Zibah chairperson, Takemore Mazuruse said.

“Beyond the Zibah Nights, we are launching to develop local artistes, a lot is also going on in the business sector where we are engaging and lobbying government for opportunities.”

The first edition of Zibah nights is free for all and show-goers are only buying a drink on entry to support the performing artistes.