Mayor, councillors at loggerheads


MUTARE mayor Tatenda Nhamarare is accusing Zanu PF councillors, who are baying for his blood, of playing dirty politics.

Some Zanu PF councillors at a full council meeting this week said Nhamarare should resign, accusing him of abusing his office.

Councillors Tarwirei Mabika and Wellington Zambezi were the most vocal, saying Nhamarare was acting like an executive mayor after he was reportedly allocated a residential stand earmarked for a church and large quantities of fuel.

Nhamarare, however, told NewsDay Weekender that councillors raised trivial issues and he was hoping to work tirelessly for his council with recently appointed town clerk Joshua Maligwa.

“I am going to remain focused, steadfast and work with the people of Mutare and the new management at the local authority,’’ he said.

“The stand I got, I was entitled to it just like any other councillor in Zimbabwe. On the issue of fuel, it’s not my personal vehicle. It’s a council vehicle and I am given fuel to conduct council business. You can’t have some people raising petty issues of investigating what I am eating for lunch.”

MDC-T councillors said they would vigorously defend the mayor.