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Man jailed for assaulting fellow imbiber


A VICTORIA Falls man has been arraigned before the court on allegations of assaulting a fellow beer imbiber, as well as intending to kill his father with a spear.

By Nokuthaba Dlamini

Cabangani Masuku (27) of Monde Village appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate, Rangarirai Gakanje charged with physical abuse, assault and theft.

The court heard that Cabangani allegedly hit his father, Lucky Masuku last month after he was asked why he had stolen three bags of cement from their homestead.

The confrontation did not go down well with Masuku who immediately went to his bedroom hut and took a spear intending to kill his father.

The matter was immediately reported to the police.

Prior to the incident, Masuku allegedly beat Christian Thumai after he refused to share opaque beer with him.

Masuku went berserk and heavily slapped Thumai before taking a knife from his pocket with the intention to stab him, but some patrons immediately intervened.

Masuku pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

“I did not steal cement. I left the homestead in a scotch-cart and my father would have seen the bags if I had stolen them because we met by the gate,” Masuku said.

“Yes I took a spear out of anger, but I did not stab him, I just wanted to scare and silence him. I am not a violent person,” he said in his defence.

Gakanje, however, acquitted Masuku of physical abuse and theft, arguing that the State had failed to give solid evidence that his father was assaulted and also that the accused stole the cement.

Instead, he was convicted of assaulting Thumai. He will spend an effective six months in jail after the other two were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

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