Kwesé signs 40 000 subscribers

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe says 40 000 customers have signed onto its pay TV service Kwesé TV, resulting in the creation of over 2 200 jobs.


Speaking to NewsDay on the sidelines of the official launch of Kwese TV in Zimbabwe last week, Econet media director Zachary Wazara said the sales trends of Kwesé remain positive.

“The total should now be over 40 000 [Kwese subscribers] in Zimbabwe. The sales rate has been the same ever since we started and it is phenomenal. In fact, what we are seeing is that people from all walks of life are coming through and buying, which is creating that kind of momentum. Our challenge is getting enough installers,” he said.

“We have probably recruited over 1 200 installers and we continue to recruit those and we need to double, if not triple the number so that is a growing thing which is really one of the key issues. Yes, we are talking about Kwese the entertainment side, we are talking about the sport and all that, but the impact of job creation has been really awesome.

“We probably have over a 1 000 brand ambassadors that have been recruited specifically for this and we continue to recruit them.”
He said the number of installers was expected to double or triple as more subscribers signed on and would create downstream employment as installers often subcontract others.

With a $49 monthly subscription fee for Kwese, Econet has created a $1,96 million monthly revenue which is expected to increase at the same rate as subscriptions.

One of the major selling points of Kwesé is when customers purchase the decoder, they can connect four mobile devices to the account as one account comes with up to five TVE accounts.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe CEO Douglas Mboweni said the launch of Kwese represented the total convergence of the telecommunications, media and technology business model and would soon be doing “TV roaming” in other countries where Kwese was available.

To support Kwesé TV, Econet has rolled out more than 575 fixed Wi-Fi hotspots and 240 mobile sites throughout the country, in collaboration with its sister company ZOL.


  1. Ruramai Mutemasaka

    i like the number 2 200. It is 0.1% of the total jobs promised by Zanu (which itself delivers nothing of that 2.2m jobs promised) Well done Econet!

  2. As long as Kwese does not showcase EPL and LALIGA matches it will be a useless endeavor, ini ndakaitenga ikozvino ndakadzokera ku DSTV ndingabhadhara decoder risingabudise bhora here, vose ivavo 40 000 vachadzokera ku DS TV

    1. My friend, very few households afford the bouquets with EPL. Vanhu vanoonera bhora mumabhawa etc. Most DSTV subscribers pay $30 or less. It makes sense to move to Kwese if you are in that range. Kwese has far much better content for less and its going to take over 60% of DSTV customers

      1. You can watch EPL on the $25 compact bouquet on Dstv, General.

    2. Last week’s champions league games were not aired on DSTV but all the matches were live on Kwese.
      EPL and LALIGA games are shown my friend, you must have been misinformed by someone not that you proved it yourself as you claim here

  3. Levy Mwanawashe

    I congratulate Kwesé TV for launching an outstanding product at an affordable rate, and that is making remarkable inroads in Zimbabwe and Africa wide at an amazing speed. The TV is full of content in particular the news and infotainment section in particular Africa news. I wish we could have more including Zimbabwean and South African channels. The movie section is above average, as well as children, teenage, educational and others, but there is a lot of distance to be covered in order to catch up with rival cable stations.

    The sporting section is quite rich, there again I must be candid, if Kwesé is to retain its rising subscribe membership it must beef up the sports section and bring us more current and live presentations. What are we getting now its, just a drop in the airwaves, we need and expect more. Blinding absence is live Zimbabwean teams’ games, be it cricket, soccer, boxing and others.

    Lastly, the Kwesé outreach should give to us update briefs on the way forward. We are kept guessing on the future programme offering. A survey should be conducted on the user needs, and align the findings with deliverables or else most viewers grudgingly trudge back to other Pay TV channels. It should be noted other channels are making every effort to lure back the lost market by reducing their rates and improving their programmes.

    Once again, I must say Kudos to Strive Masiiwa, you make us Zimbos feel high and tall. May God be abundant with his blessings to your aspirations and good work.

  4. Besides 25 dollars is too much for the so called 65 channels

  5. Its good that Kwese was launched in Zimbabwe. The bottom issue here is that if Kwese intends to retain that big number of customers, it has to improve its sports basket, especially soccer. We want to watch European soccer. Soccer is what drives us to subscribe to those satellite television stations. Do something soonest.

  6. Your workers especially women are lazy and rude at the same time. I went to Margolis at cnr of Kaguvi and Speke av in Harare where i purchased a phone recently. You should caution your female worker serving the device section. Also, at Joiner center, your female workers are so slow and rude such that, i went home without purchasing the Kwese decoder. FOR THE TIME BEING, I WILL KEEP ON SUBSCRIBING MULTICHOICE.


  8. Nacido Rico, Not only are the female employees at kwese rude and unprofessional. This is a trend that has taken our country by hurricane. The majority of female who hold front line jobs that inter-act with the public have adopted this unfortunate attitude, especially Supermarket till operators, petrol attendants, bank tellers, call centres, traffic cops etc. But the lot that takes the cup are the tellers at Barclays bank Newlands! Be warned.. I also tend to agree with the other comments if thez no soccer and local news then why boast bout your 40k subscribers? Most of your African movies we come across when scrolling are Nigerian ones.. Are they the only people capable of making these? Jobs bla bla bla, ko lets talk value to the viewers..then the effects later, that is if we are happy.

  9. we need EPL.
    But DSTV is too expensive

  10. Comment…Thanks to ED for granting Kwese the Licence. Welldone comrade.

  11. Kwese is good but it should add more channels like THE south African channels. WE ALSO NEED EPL


  13. Nkotheni Phakathi

    Presumably the licencing issues have been finalised. Otherwise why would people be encouraged to subscribe to Kwese if the legal issues are still outstanding. I am worried that I could be left with an unusable decoder should the legal battle be lost. Econet needs to update on this issue otherwise the customer could be be hoodwinked.

  14. Takes a week and more to be connected after buying decorder in Mutare. Wish they could have option of selling all accessories and allow some of customers who so wish to install the system on their own

  15. Comment…Ndakazviziva kuti Kwese achawanisa vana vedu varikubva kuzvikoro mabasa. Vana vanganiwo vari kuDSTV. Uye DSTV ndeye vekunze.Kwese ndeye mwana wevhu. Zviri zvebhora, zvinhu zvese hazvitange nemuchechetere.Zvinoenda zvichigadzirisiwa nekupindana kwemazuva.Pamberi mberi nevana vevhu vanezvishuwo zvekuona Zimbabwe ichierera UCHI neMUKAKA. Kwete kugaronzi venhamo.

  16. This is really good news from this great company spearheaded by our own son of the soil. WHY THEN WOULD ANY SENSIBLE AUTHORITY CONSIDER A BAN ON SUCH GOOD WORK…zvimwe zvinongoda kutendwa veduwee

  17. A job well done Econet for the Kwese TV all we need is broadcasting of EPL and our Local Premier League , also to work on the loss of signals once there is wind or rain.

  18. ECONET, KWESE, LIQUID, and all will go very far in changing the world for the better, i just know it. Big up big brother Strive Masiyiwa for the great work you are doing. Mwari anewe hama.

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