Knorr remembers the hungry on World Food Day


Do you know that globally 800 million – – including young Zimbabwean children — are grappling with hunger and go to bed without a meal?

Hunger remains an international scourge, but you can make a difference.

To mark World Food Day on October 16th this year, join Knorr – Unilever’s largest global food brand – to help feed a child
Help to turn your food posts on social media into a real meal for someone in need. From 12-16 October, each time you share Knorr’s #ShareTheMealZW on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram, Knorr will donate the equivalent of one meal via the World Food Programme (WFP).

Knorr is passionate about making good nutrition available for all and wants to give you our customers the opportunity to show that you care, too. Join a conversation about the importance of nutritious food and make a difference in improving global access to nutritious food.

ZiFM are the official broadcaster partner for Knorr and will broadcast live from Knorr World Food Programme launch at Munyawiri School in Domboshawa on October 16

# ShareaMealZW


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