Killer drives to church in victim’s car


POLICE in Beitbridge have arrested a suspected murderer, who callously killed a taxi driver by initially electro-shocking him and later stabbing him on the chest before driving to Guruve for a four-day church service.


The accused, Emmanuel Mapfumo of Chatsworth in Gutu, was not asked to plead to Cliff Chioza’s murder when he appeared before Beitbridge magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza, who remanded him in custody to October 26.

The State is alleging that on the night of October 1, 2017, Mapfumo hired Chioza, who drove him on several occasions with his girlfriend before turning on him after parking in Dulivhadzimo.

Mapfumo allegedly shocked Chioza four times with an electric stunner, stabbed him once on the chest, took away the vehicle keys and drove to Chatsworth to “celebrate his new vehicle acquisition”.

He then drove to Guruve for a church gathering, where he spent four days and was arrested at a roadblock on his way back.
Police later ransacked his Chatsworth home and recovered four electric shockers and the blood-stained dagger used in the alleged murder.

On Wednesday, Mapfumo led police to the crime scene, where he assisted the police with indications before he was brought to court yesterday.

Oswell Arufandi prosecuted.


  1. Endefuti! this guy thot the blessings are taking long. He must rot in jail nxaa! killing aa human for a car? How many are living in happiness without? Zvedi mutsipa wakatakura musoro usingafunge uripanhamo.

  2. Rushing to church to confirm prophesy of prosperity preached these days by these fake prophets. Prosperity is not in a car. Killing a human being for prosperity. Zibenzi remunhu.

  3. Nhai Mutsa Marara i dont understand kuti Prosperity waiwanepi apa , unongo taura zvausinagzive kuti zvinorevei , hameno kuti Crime ne Prosperity zvinoreva same thing in your mind here?
    This is a crime committed not prosperity.
    RIP to friend who got killed and thanks to ZRP for a job well done, Law will take its course.

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