Khupe, Chamisa in Facebook storm

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s failing health has triggered a fresh succession fight with party hawks flagging his deputies Nelson Chamisa and Thokozani Khupe’s credentials on social media platforms with a view to influence the choice of his successor.

Party deputy treasurer-general Charlton Hwende yesterday clashed with Khupe’s aide de camp Witness Dube on Facebook, as they fought from different corners over who was more senior between Khupe and Chamisa.

Tempers flared after Dube labelled Chamisa as a Tsvangirai appointee whose powers and mandate could not be equated with that of Khupe who was elected at congress.

“We have also watched without surprise whatsoever at his (Chamisa) (of course, in collaboration with his kith and kin) serious attempt at some morbid tribalistic (sic) secessionism — sweet-talking his way to the presidency through a sham appointment… How do you hazard equalising a personal appointment with a congressional mandate? For the record, Chamisa was rejected by our people for a lesser role as a minute taker in the party,” Khupe’s aide wrote.

Hwende defended Chamisa’s elevation, saying he was elected by the MDC-T national council sitting as congress and, therefore, Chamisa, Khupe and Elias Mudzuri were equal.

“All delegates who sit in council meetings are aware of the decision to elect the additional VPs was made by the national council sitting as a congress. This was after the national congress failed to complete congress business and delegated its powers to the national council. Also refer to the recent High Court decision on the Murimoga/ Rice issue as the judgment is clear that the national council was sitting as congress and the two additional VPs were duly elected,” Hwende wrote.

Binga North legislator Prince Dubeko Sibanda, viewed as a Chamisa ally, also hit out at the Khupe camp accusing Dube of personalising issues.

“It’s sad that at times people like Dube become personal… how does it happen that Chamisa is an appointee of the president and Mudzuri be elected? And how do you conclude that the national council did not get an opportunity to deliberate on the appointments without producing minutes? The de jure and de facto position that we have to live with is that the party has three VPs and they are equal,” Dubeko Sibanda said.

Chamisa has been touted as the leading contender both in the party and outside, but some senior party officials are against the young lawyer taking the reins of power at the MDC-T.

“Cobra (Chamisa) can’t lead the MDC-T, if that happens I will quit politics. He is a divisive character and honestly Khupe is our natural leader,” one member of the MDC-T standing committee said.

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu said it was wrong for party members to discuss internal party matters in the public domain.

“The MDC is a party of excellence and we don’t condone any wayward and/or irresponsible behaviour from party cadres. More importantly, we are not supposed to debate internal party processes on social media because there are proper party channels of communication and debate of internal issues. As such, we call upon all our party cadres, without exception, to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner on all social media platforms,” Gutu said.

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  1. Comment…But the truth is known

  2. chimuvhondo kushungo

    MDC ne Zanu ePF dzakafanana, nothing new please watch this space

  3. Sad very Sad they jostle for positions whilst Zimbabwe burns.

  4. Seriuosly Newsday?? This article has all the makings of a click bait. Trumped up, sensationalized and ambiguous title.

  5. Simboti we Zambe

    Tsvangison is still there

  6. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    oh there they go again zimbos. if we wnt to follow the tenets of democracy, then khupe is more senior than chamisa because she was elected at a congress whereas cobras was just handpicked by save like tomatoes at the market. again on maturity, khupe is streets away shown by chamisa’s excessive zanuish propaganda and his disdain of hierarchy when he wanted to occupy leader’s seat in parly. and where do you place mudzuri in all this drama? mudzuri led to mdc win in 2008 as organiser while chamisa brought in the likes of eric knight leading to the defeat hands down of the party in 2013. based on facts and democracy, khupe is the real vp, but on masculinity, propaganda and tribalism, be crazy enough to ordain chamisa.

  7. The creation of multiple VPs in MDC-T and the crisis thereof, I recall, was not a constitutional requirement but an outcome of Tsvangirais political high headedness. The primary objective of the opposition, ( the MDC Alliance to be precise) should be removing Zanu PF from power as opposed to trivial supremacy wars as late as a few months to the election. Unless they keep their eyes on the ball, they are going to suffer their Kenyan counterparts’ fate come the polling day.

    1. But it is said it was done by the National Council not Tsvangirayi. Why do we want to believe what did not happen. Tsvangirayi announced what was agreed by National Council, if he had refused he would have been labelled a dictator. You can’t please Zimbos surely.

  8. The problem in Zimbabwe is people who think they think too much yet they are very shallow, unreasonable and very stupid.

  9. Facts on paper confirm Chamisa is junior to Khupe beyond reasonable doubt. However, facts on the ground confirm support to Chamisa. Its so sad that, reality sucks at times. I don’t want to be personal here. If MDC is to attract more support and less controversy, this God fearing young lawyer should be given the room to lead the way as anticipated. A disappointment to the ground support will see Khupe being the next candidate, I think its not practical at all. Good luck people

  10. the moment you realise the ZANU PF and MDC are the same, the democratic factor is jus a name otherwise it doesnt exist. MDC leader has not been leaving office but he wants to fight a man whom he claims has also not been leaving his office. Now the three VP idea jus for a certain hidden agenda we can all see in public. Nwae we still gotta register to vote for the better idiot

  11. Comment…MDC and ZANU are Siamese twins, fighting on social media like Jonso’s Twitter. Mumwewo anoti haabve pachigaro kusvikira abvisa hurumende ye ZANU , umwewo achiti haabve kusvikira pasina zve regime change.

  12. The little I KNOW politics z that it z said to be a game of numbers so from the 3 VPs the most popular one will grab it……kunechaunga ndookune power

  13. The above should read….the little I know about politics…..the rest remain the same

  14. If we talk straight talk Chamisa was elected as vp after he had started causing a lot of problems in the party together with Mudzuri .So the strategy was to silence them . Actually Chamisa is very childish and likes making useless noise , Ma Khupe is Morgan :s substitute unless if some fools want to bring tribalism in the party .

  15. Comment…vana khupe itai mushe,

  16. chamisa would have a hard time vs someone like kasukuwere. pamwe vs chinoz hameno

  17. Comment…Hakuna kusina G40 kkkkkk bt khupe deserve respect from chamisa.she is being treated unfairly.

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