Karoi musician dies in car crash


Karoi was plunged into mourning at the weekend following the death of budding Afro-pop musician Reason Makurumidze, popularly known as Tsode, in an accident on Saturday afternoon, about 10km north of the town during a joyride.


Tsode’s friend Steven Mutandi, who was driving the Honda Fit, died a few minutes after admission at Karoi General Hospital while his girlfriend, Panashe Churu, escaped with minor injuries.

The musician’s friend and band member of Last Generation, Cassius Mushore, broke down after he tried to sing one of the deceased’s songs, Jere Rerudo, at the funeral wake.

“I did collaborations with Tsode on his songs such as Jere Rerudo and Hupenyu, in which we encouraged young people to persevere in the face of challenges,” he said.

“Another song we did together was Usamire that urges people to remain focused.”

He said he last communicated with the deceased on Friday, when he notified him that they were no longer going out for their planned weekend outing, and, he was surprised to hear about the accident.

“I was always with him and we were planning to shoot a video next month,” Mushore, who is popularly known as Cashman, said.
“We only managed to record seven songs in 2015, almost three years after we had formed our band.”

Local councillor, Kudakwashe Chigumo, described the deaths as tragic during the burial.

“The tragic loss of these two boys in a joyride was unexpected, but my appeal is for our youths to fear God and respect their parents,” he said.

Several youths attended the burial in Chikangwe on Monday.


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