Jailed clergyman Gumbura ‘reunites’ with family


JAILED former RMG Independent End Time Message leader, Richard Martin Gumbura could not hide his joy on reuniting with his entire family, though limited and within the prison walls, as part of the recently-introduced prison family visits, where they had the opportunity to discuss various issues together for two days in the absence of the prison officers’ prying eyes.


Gumbura, who already has served four years of his 40-year jail sentence for rape, said he wished the programme had come earlier, so he could resolve some problems that have haunted his family of 21 wives and 34 children since he was locked up at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.

“Prisoners are happy with the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) and the government for this move,” he said.

Gumbura said he was still hopeful of coming out on appeal, although he lost another appeal recently.
ZPCS warden, Chief Superintendent Tonderai Mutiwaringa said the idea is to assist the inmates reconnect with their families before release.

The prison family visit week precedes the Africa Prisons and Correctional Services Day commemorations to be held at the Glamis Arena on Saturday.

Zimbabwe has a prison population of over 19 000 and of these, 600 are female.


  1. go back to the initial stories that made him jailed, dont just take issues from the middle. the girl child should be protected from this vulture and it should be kept in cells for good. thank you government

  2. 2040….”family Christmas card”…SAP: honey why do you have my family photo when we visited my daddy in prison…..
    XAP: thus your daddy…. hell no dus my daddy tooo…. i just changed my surname….
    XAP: we reunited…. hey kids come and meet my long lost sister… your mooo mother….ohhhh i see

  3. Comment…Whatever this man did, he has received his punishment. It’s time we stop skipping those Bible verses that talk about forgiveness.Look at ghe innocent children?

  4. Please munzwireiwo tsitsi.Hongu akatadza but i beg the authorities to please have mercy…..nevaakatadzira vacho please muregerereiwo.

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