I’m not a tribalist: Gorden Moyo

Gorden Moyo

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) secretary-general, Gorden Moyo has said he is not a tribalist and his faction, which claimed to have axed party leader, Tendai Biti, is made up of people from all the country’s regions.


Speaking at the PDP’s second anniversary celebration and launch of the voter registration campaign in Bulawayo on Thursday, Moyo said the media has been awash with the news that his faction was a tribal cabal.

“There has been news that PDP is promoting tribalism and that I say is lie,” he said.

“If PDP is promoting tribalism, why is it that it is led by a woman Lucia Matibenga?

“Secondly, I said Tendai Biti and your colleagues, let’s follow the constitution of the party, is that tribal?

“When you say no, you can’t join MDC Alliance without due process, let’s go to our general council, let’s get authority, is that tribal?

“When you give PDP zero seats in Matabeleland — I pointed it out that this is not correct — is that tribal?
“I must be quiet and say yes it’s okay?

“So, those who point at us and say we are tribal, they are actually hiding behind their own pathological tribalism.
“We, as PDP, we believe in togetherness and this country belongs to all of us.”

Moyo said he had cut ties with Biti for good.

“I have no business with Biti, he left the party,” he said.

Biti recently insinuated that Moyo was a tribalist following a fallout that led to the former Finance minister’s expulsion from the party.

Moyo said the party was proud to be led by a woman.

“Men have tried and failed. Men have made promises before and failed to deliver.

“Men are not trustworthy, while women are mothers, carers, and helpers.

“We are proud to have Matibenga as our president.”

Addressing scores of party members, Matibenga encouraged people to register to vote in the next election.

“We want to choose people, who will restore industries; we want to have councillors, who will not loot our resources,” she said.

“We want to be led by dignified and honest men and women, who will lead us in council, let us make sure we are all in the voters’ roll.”

Meanwhile, a human rights group has called for the setting-up of a parliamentary taskforce to deal with tribalism, as ethnicity continues to dominate the political discourse.

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) general secretary, Benedict Sibasa said tribalism tramples on freedom of association, freedom from discrimination and cultural rights.

“It is in this light that we at MIHR call for the speedy setting-up of a parliamentary taskforce to investigate the extent of institutionalised tribalisation on development and service delivery,” he said in a statement.

“This taskforce should also solicit for the views of the groups as to what should be done to solve this issue.

“The report of the taskforce should be presented to Parliament [not to the executive] and should be made public.

“This call is in support of the motion by Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, which she tabled in Parliament.”

Misihairabwi-Mushonga on Tuesday moved a motion in Parliament on tribalism, which was seconded by Tabitha Khumalo.


  1. Specialist in causing confusion towards election no wonder people view most of these emerging parties as projects of the status quo designed mainly to split the vote.
    Honestly what is the need for all those parties most of which do not have a constituency or followers.
    Zimbabweans lets wake up to these shenanigans otherwise we loose focus.
    The next thing is we hear the other faction has split again as in binary fusion this is utter stupid and playing with the electorate`s mind.This is a very small country three or 4 parties will suffice.

  2. History has taught me that those who are quick to see tribalism in everything are the worst tribalist of any kind.

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