‘Ill-informed Mphoko singing for his supper’

Phelekezela Mphoko

OPPOSITION parties and civil society groups in Matabeleland have roundly condemned Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko and accused him of singing for his supper, after he recently dismissed the region’s marginalisation narrative as a myth.


Mphoko recently said all Zimbabweans are equal regardless of province, region, language or ethnicity and are entitled to the same services, which every citizen should enjoy.

His remarks have drawn fire from human rights and political activists from Matabeleland, who dismissed him as ill-informed and out to please his Zanu PF handlers.

MDC deputy spokesperson, Mbuso Siso yesterday said Mphoko was one person who should not be taken seriously, as he was singing for his super.

“I don’t remember from his term in office hearing him speak sense. He is one person that would say something that benefits himself and not Matabeleland,” he said.

“Mphoko has even failed to convince his friends that he dines with, at least to construct the Bulawayo-Nkayi road to his own place of birth.”

Siso questioned why devolution had not been implemented, which he believed Mphoko should be pushing for.

“They continue to impose these so-called Ministers of State in provinces, who are illegal when Chapter 14 of the Constitution is clear on the appointment of provincial chairpersons; that would have ended marginalisation,” he said.

Zapu deputy spokesperson, Iphithule Maphosa said some provinces had been marginalised since independence.

“It has been clinically institutionalised and implemented by the current establishment, even without a law to allow it,” he said.

“This is why they were silent about marginalisation, while those in Matabeleland were making noise all along, hence, the stereotyping of the issue to be that of Matabeleland only.

“For Mphoko not to see this blatant social ill only proves he really uses his belly to think.

“He’s only trying to find relevance with those who are perpetuating marginalisation and Zezuru hegemony manifesting as the G40 faction in Zanu PF.”

Maphosa said Mphoko chooses to see the world, particularly Zimbabwe, through supremacist lens, while hiding behind the Constitution.

Ibhetshu likaZulu secretary-general, Mbuso Fuzwayo said: “There’s no development in Matabeleland and that dates back to the times of genocide and now deliberate relocation of companies.

“He (Mphoko) is in a position to address their concerns, not to oppose what the people say.

“It is a fact, not fiction, that Matabeleland is being marginalised, schools are distant from the people.

“People here don’t easily get jobs in the civil service, 99% of government workers are from the east. Government facilities such as loans and other opportunities are given to Shona-speaking people.”

People’s Democratic Party deputy spokesperson, Edwin Ndlovu said Mphoko made the remarks to safeguard his position in the hegemonic Zanu PF.

#This Constitution leader, Abigale Mupambi said Mphoko’s remarks showed how far he was out of touch with the reality.

“Maybe it is because he doesn’t have a constituency in Matabeleland, he is confused as to who he should serve,” she said. “It’s a pity to have a Vice-President who is this lost.”

Lucia Matibenga-led People’s Democratic Party Bulawayo’s organiser, Bekithemba Nyathi said Mphoko had been swallowed by a tribal system in Zanu PF and was now being used to a culture of deliberate marginalisation of other regions.


  1. Mphoko’s V/P candidature was smuggled in as a convenient way of derailing Simon Khaya’s possibility of landing that converted post.Each time he says something that doesn’t please the his handlers,he is reminded that he was not supposed to be where he is now.The man is just not himself.

  2. commment…. I have never heard Mphoko say anything that makes sense. At one point, he said the Gukurawundi issue was white conspiracy. Mphoko, Cain Mathema and Obert Mpofu are the only guys who worship Mugabe and could even knee down before him. its a shame. Recently when Cain Mathema was being sworn in at state house, he said he was going to work for the President. Do Ministers work for the president?And these good for nothing men all come from matabeleland and when people in matabeleland say something that affect them, these useless men are the first to speak against their own people. its a shame to see these idiots speak. sorry for the language.

  3. they work for the president becomes its him who appoints them they cannot work for the people who did not appoint or elect them full stop.

  4. Yaa! in Matabeland we have got no leaders. all the people in gvt are puppets of Mugabe. The person I’m not sure of is the Spin Doctor, Jonathan Moyo ukuthi whether is killing Zanu PF within or is also a puppet too. Ndebeles will never rule this country, we are always back biting each other befuna ama favours kuMgxegu kuphela.

  5. Ya- Mphoko -its a shame hey. So dumb and dumber!There were only two Vps who did not brook rubbish from Bob and those were Josh Nkomo and Joe Msika! These guys had balls.May their souls rest in peace.

  6. The VP MPHOKO is a cut above the opposition parties scattered around the country who are pursuing narrow and myopic political and economic interests of the people.
    These opposition political parties they always try hard to exploit tribalism and feasting on strife. They advocate for the imposition of satanic, deleterious,demonic, racist sanctions against our Motherland. They always try to escalate tribalism, why?
    They are emotional in politics.
    Our Government is providing funds to resuscitate industries through DIMAFI especially in Matebeleland, and more currently Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are being implemented.
    Command Agriculture was done country-wide in the 2016/2017 agricultural season.
    Irrigation schemes and revival of old irrigation projects are being carried throughout the country.
    The few overzealous opposition goons wish to see our Motherland in strife as is happening in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan.

    • hauoni here kuti vamugabe vanofanirwa kunge vaine vazukuru vachitaura ngano sezvavari kufamba vachiita kumarally avari kuita. 94 mukweguru chaiye. imi vezanu hamuna dzinokakaritsa huye muri mbwende munoreva here kuti hapana akakodzera kutungamirira nyika mukati menyu. chete munonamata mugabe ndosaka

  7. Most rural areas are marginalised. people who have never gone to some provinces will think its Matebeleland but its true what Mphoko says. ZanuPf has never developed rural areas.Manicaland by history has been a case different because the people there are really hard workers with their fruits and vegetables hence develop their homes and make it appear they are developed by the state.Yes Tokwe Mukosi dam was completed in Masvingo but that dam was planned by Ian Smith long ago. There is no much to write home about in most rural areas.ZanuPf has developed their homes only. Go into Harare industrial areas and see how many are operational. You can sleep in the railway line.

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