Identical twin grannies celebrate 65 years in style


IDENTICAL twin grannies, Violet and Jester Mabaisa, last week celebrated their 65th birthday in Entumbane high-density suburb in Bulawayo.


Violet and Jester are neighbours in Entumbane, and they told Southern Eye they deliberately bought houses next to each other to maintain their bond — to be inseparable in all ways possible other than death.

The two said they had never been “separated” since they were born, always spending time together either at school, church or any other gathering.

They went to the same schools at St Bernard’s Primary School and completed their Standard Six at Nduba Primary School in 1967
“On October 11, we celebrated our 65th birthday and we would like to thank God for taking us this far. We have never been ‘separated’ from each other,” Jester said.

A birthday party was held for them at their houses last week.

The grannies are similar facially despite a slight difference in their physical showing. Jesta is shorter than Violet. Their shoe sizes are also different, Violet wears size 7 and Jesta 5.

“We go for shopping together. Even at church, we are always together. We even approached Bulawayo City Council in 1981 to ask them to sell to us houses that are next to each other, which they did. My house number is 33007 and Violet’s house is the next one,’’ Jester added.

The two said they never got married, but have two children each.

“We are loved by God. He is the one who keeps us strong. The other secret to live longer is good behaviour, as there are so many temptations. People should guard against doing evil,’’ Violet said.
The two were born in a family of 18.