Gweru yet to fully computerise


GWERU City Council has set aside $94 500 to upgrade its data collection and storage system after it emerged that most of its departments have been operating manually for the past decade, a senior council official has said.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Finance director Edgar Mwedzi said council had also budgeted $30 000 to ensure operations at all departments were automatised by next year.

“The computer hardware we have is mostly for billing, but other departments are not connected to the main server,” Mwedzi said at the weekend.

“We have to avoid doing work manually and embrace the electronic way and as such we have budgeted $94 500 for the purchase of computer hardware and $30 000 has been set aside to make sure operations at all departments are automatised by next year.”
Early this year, town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza said council would adopt either the systems, applications and products implementation (SAP) or smart response technology (SRT) computer programmes, as it migrates from non-automated operations.

She said using the manual system was not only archaic, but brought problems of accountability and transparency in business operations.

The automation process was in line with the government’s requirement to link the systems operations of local authorities with that of the Finance ministry.