Gweru waives parking fees for elderly


THE Gweru City Council has adopted a new policy exempting its senior citizens from paying parking fees in the central business district.

by Stephen Chadenga

Mayor Charles Chikozho said the parking fee waiver for residents aged 65 years and above was meant to honour the city’s senior citizens.

“Council has proposed that the elderly, who are 65 years and above be exempted from parking charges,”Chikozho said at a council meeting last week.

“It is our position as a city that the elderly should enjoy certain benefits as a way of giving back to what they contributed during their active years.”

The council charges a nominal parking fee of $1 per hour in the central business district, with clamping and towing fees pegged at $30 and $85 respectively.

Chikozho also revealed that council will soon introduce an electronic parking system to replace the manual system which he said promoted corruption.


  1. Comment…Do councils realise that $1/hr as parking fees is daylight robbery? This is why there’s temptation to bribe the parking attendants. 10c/hr will be consistent with service delivery by councils. After all this is what was charged before 1980 & the first few years after independence.

  2. Exempting parking fees for the elderly is a welcome development, what is left is to reduce parking fees at least to 50c an hour. $1 per hour is too much considering the current economic environment.

  3. I agree with watcher… What stops me from going to get an elderly person in a bid to evade paying parking fees.. Nothing! While its a noble gesture, frankly it lacks creativity. Charles if you truly meant it, you could have come up with perhaps a percentage discount on water, rates or other areas that require consistent payment from the senior citizens. I am also of the opinion that Chikozho you simply put a human face on the introduction of the new Electronic parking system which you are introducing. How much is this setup going to cost? and did it go to tender? and who was awarded the tender?
    On the curtains you put a budget(which I thought was extravagant) and so we expect to know how much this exercise is going to cost the city. On an unrelated matter, please advise us on the progress of the new dump site which is an urgent matter as residents in the surrounding areas are being affected by the toxic waste emanating from the burning of rubbish. Then there was the matter of you suggesting the introduction of a surcharge on the rates in a bid to raise funds to repair water leakages, if residents are failing to pay current consumption rates how do you expect them to pay additional monies, no matter the value. While I appreciate the importance of maintaining current assets and infrastructure there is also need to consider the rate payer. Charles, you seem to be arrogant when it comes to rate payers making payment arrangements in accordance to what they can honour come due date. The reason I raise this is, lets take the matter of Regina Mhundi for instance. Their contested water bill is $150,000.00 and they have offered to pay $50,000.00 in $20K and $30K payments respectively this being towards their “actuals” amounting to $50,000.00 as apposed to estimates totalling $150,000.00 (based on facts given by the consumer, which was made public consumption)You refused this payment and instead offered a 20% discount on $150,000.00 ($30,000.00 discount) Charles,I am trying to get you to appreciate that we follow in on matters concerning our City so I would expect to see a much more pro-active administration dealing with the real matters that affect us, exemption on parking is petty compared to the dump site which you are failing to urgently address. And by the way Charles and Elizabeth please stop using the term “modalities” simply because every time you have applied it Nothing happens! I thank my fellow readers who have contributed on this matter as it is the only way we can share ideas, thoughts, inspiration and intellect in order to get our City working again.

  4. Thump up for that new idea but how many are they ?. What about disabled persons I feel they are always sidelined to enjoy such privileges.

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