Gweru turns down Regina Mundi water bill plan


Gweru City Council has turned down payment proposals by Regina Mundi High School to settle a $50 000 water bill, instead of the contested $150 000 which the school was billed by the local authority.

By Stephen Chadenga

According to reports from a recent full council meeting, Regina Mundi has an outstanding water bill of $150 000, but the Catholic-run school contested the bill, arguing it was an estimation.

“Regina Mundi opted to pay $50 000 and of this amount being part payments of $20 000 and $30 000 respectively,” mayor Charles Chikozho said.

“The school had complained that the $150 000 bill was estimated, but after dispatching our team, we managed, as council, to verify that the bill ($150 000) is the proper one.

“As council, we do not accede to Regina Mundi’s proposals to opt for part payments of $20 000 and $30 000, but, instead, will grant the school 20% discount if they settle the $150 000.”

Gweru is owed more than $52 million by ratepayers, as residents and other debtors fail to settle their bills due to the liquidity crunch.

“We are currently owed $18 290 628 by industrial and commercial consumers, with government departments owing us
$4 427 679,” Chikozho recently said.

“We are also currently owed $29 501 105 by residential consumers and the total from our debtors as at March 31, 2017 is at
$52 219 411.”


  1. For the greater part of his year we have been subjected to Charles Chokozho’s administration’s inability to resolve key council issues affecting service delivery and development. I have arrived at the conclusion that this administration is an arrogant and ineffective authority. How do you reject a payment plan of 20 to 30K simply because you think it does not constitute whole or part of the assumed amount? (“apa hamuna cash”) This is a fine example of the “penny wise and pound foolish” scenario. Yet just the other day you approved nearly 10k for curtains. The amounts owing will continue to balloon if payment plans are not taken seriously by Chikozho. Considering the current situation where hard times has badly hit the average consumer, the Gweru local authority has to STOP fighting the residents and other institutions that contribute to their inflows and work together on “modalities” (to use Charles and Elizabeth’s language, (sic)) on how they can recover these amounts amicably. Then Charles seems to think that introducing a surcharge will help solve the 50% water leakage from the pipes, when clearly residents are failing to pay up what they already owe. By the way did you resolve the new dump site issue??? All we ever hear from you are negatives and resolutions that seem to threaten and intimidate the residents. Frankly speaking we have had enough from you guys and the time has come for the residents to tell you off!
    The city is much worse off under your watch and here you are masquerading as an effective administrator, are these the characteristics of effective admin, I honestly and truly wonder…We have had enough of incompetence!
    Running a local authority requires agile minds and pro-activeness and a close working relationship with the citizens. I hear Elizabeth reckons those interested in council minutes must buy them! And just where the hell is the Gweru rate payers Association in all this???? Gweru residents stop this man and his administration from destroying a once beautiful city.

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