Gweru sets aside $20 000 for cemeteries


Gweru City Council has set aside at least $20 000 for the constrction of a new cemetery, amid reports that the city’s 12-hectare Mtapa Cemetery has filled up.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Council’s finance director, Edgar Mwedzi confirmed the development yesterday.

“We have set aside $20 000 for cemetery improvements in the 2018 budget. As you are aware, Mtapa Cemetery is now full and there is need to improve on the available cemeteries, as well as new space for graves,” he said.

Early this year, town clerk, Elizabeth Gwatipedza said the Mtapa Cemetery was now full and that the only space left was for those who have already paid for burial space in advance.

Gwatipedza said burial space was available at Matinunura Cemetery in Mkoba 9, Senga and Mutasa cemeteries.

A report from the local authority shows that 1 654 graves had been bought in advance, mainly by families, who want to be buried close to their relatives.

Most local authorities are struggling with high demand for burial space, as Zimbabweans are generally reluctant to embrace cremation due to cultural beliefs.


  1. So the likes of Elizabeth will wait for the cemetery to be full before acting. A very reactive Administration rather than a pro-active one! Surely 20k is insignificant for cemetery management and equipment. While you guys are budgeting millions for salaries n allowances. Elizabeth and Charles you two have failed the city and I think a petition in the form of a vote of no confidence from the residence is well overdue!

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