Grace rips into Mnangagwa again

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe reportedly confronted under-fire Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa during a tense briefing ahead of a Zanu PF youth league national assembly meeting in Harare on Saturday and openly told him to quit over allegations of fomenting factionalism and plotting President Robert Mugabe’s downfall.


Mnangagwa, who according to sources at the meeting, sat stone-faced, is under growing pressure from his G40 rivals, who want him to step down on accusations of fuelling factionalism and creating a parallel government structure.

Insiders said at the closed-door briefing, Grace drew comparisons between Mnangagwa and his predecessor, Joice Mujuru.

It was the first time Grace was meeting Mnangagwa since her mid-week rant in which she described the VP
as “a nobody, who was given a job by my husband”.

“During the briefing, Grace drew parallels between Mnangagwa and Mujuru, accusing the VP of plotting against the President. She accused Mnangagwa of holding a grudge against (Higher Education minister) Jonathan Moyo, arguing he has sought to have him arrested each time he is acting president,” a source said.

“The First Lady actually demanded that Mnangagwa should have been expelled instead of youths and war veterans’ leaders”.

Mujuru was expelled from Zanu PF and the government in 2014 on similar accusations of plotting to topple Mugabe, including an unsubstantiated elaborate assassination plot with assistance from an Israeli intelligence arm.

Grace is also said to be angry with Mnangagwa for claiming that he was poisoned, leading to his airlifting to South Africa for treatment, including insinuations that ice-cream from Mugabe’s Gushungo Dairies was used in the assassination bid.

The First Lady, according to sources, accused Mnangagwa of being “the godfather of factionalism”.
“She demanded that Mnangagwa be fired, indicating she was scared of what could happen to her if the President were to leave him in power. Grace accused Mnangagwa of getting support from war veterans, expelled youth and getting loud cheers from party supporters at rallies”.

According to sources, Mnangagwa refused to be drawn into the furore, saying he would rather reserve his comments out of respect for the First Lady.

“Mnangagwa refused to be drawn into a slanging match with Grace, arguing he would not respond to ‘Mother of the Nation’, but will respond to Moyo’s accusations at the next politburo meeting. Mnangagwa reportedly said: ‘I am happy she has aired her bitterness’ and promised more at the next meeting of the politburo.”

Youth league secretary for administration, Xavier Kazizi referred questions to his boss, Kudzanai Chipanga.

“Talk to Chipanga or Innocent Hamandishe. The issues you are raising are their domain,” Kazizi said.
Chipanga and Hamandishe were not available for comment.

Zanu PF’s politburo meets this Wednesday, with Mnangagwa expected to respond to accusations from Moyo that he has captured State institutions, with a view to take over from Mugabe.

Moyo also accused Mnangagwa of forcing former journalist and now Danhiko Project administrator, Godfrey Majonga to “either sit on a hot stove or jump from a flat” after an encounter that reportedly left the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe chairperson crippled.

In the run-up to the youth assembly meeting, NewsDay heard there was a plan to stop Mnangagwa from attending the event.

“The youth league wrote a letter inviting the President, the two VPs (Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko) and the First Lady. Senior G40 leaders did everything in their power to stop Mnangagwa from attending the youth meeting. On Friday, a youth league official was sent to withdraw the letter from the Justice ministry under the pretext that there was a correction that needed to be done,” a source said.

“Ironically, VP Mphoko’s letter was not withdrawn and this forced Mnangagwa’s people to make frantic follow-ups, including sending his secretary, a Ms Magaya, to party (Zanu PF) headquarters. Magaya had an altercation with Tongai Kasukuwere (youth league secretary for finance), who had been assigned to make sure there would be no invite to Mnangagwa. The letter was, however, released.”

Kasukuwere refused to comment.

“I do not comment on party issues. Talk to the spokesperson,” he said.

It has also been revealed that a hastily arranged Press briefing, at which Mnangagwa was to be denounced, was called off after only three provincial chairpersons Manicaland (Mubuso Chinguno), Harare (Edison Takataka) and Mashonaland Central (Isaiah Mandaza) agreed to the plan.

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  1. With or without mnangagwa, first lady and members of her family will lose all that they have acquired once their old man goes. They cannot have multiple farms while other citizens are forced to cut down even those single farms that they got in the land reform process. First lady is only for as long as the husband is in power. After his departure, whatever form it takes, all the loot will be retrieved back to the state. There is no position called first lady in the state, government or the party. The girl is reveling in borrowed robes. The sooner she realised it and reformed her behaviour the better.
    Her hubby will not be around for more than ten years now. Herself and her children can be around for the next half century or more. It’s no use antagonising themselves with the rest of the country through failing to plan for the long life ahead. There shall arise a generation of this nation which is not as docile as the current one; and, then all hell will break loose and she will regret the day she was born and curse the womb that carried her to that birth day.

    1. Comment…nyangwe daimanga musiri benzi muri munhu kwaye musinga tukivanhu mangamusingaitongi futi

  2. Comment…shame? nyararai baba

  3. Mujuru and Mnangagwa were pursuing the same objective and Grace thought a man was a better devil but alas she was lost 100%.
    Lets follow this one and see what happens although the lame duck is now conrnered.

    1. @eliasha…. this is the second year since we heard that the lame duck is now cornered but still tinaro Garwe kkkkkk…..Kutonga kwaro Garwe.

  4. You can fool some people some times but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Time will tell.

  5. Zvirikuiwana ngwarati manje manje

  6. Comment…MAN KENYA…nice one. I like such expressions big time kkk

  7. Grace accused Mnangagwa of getting support from war veterans, expelled youth and getting loud cheers from party supporters at rallies. Saka munhu ofira kudiwa nevanhu here.At the next interface rally ED will get even louder cheers.Grace will explode and die of high blood pressure if she does not take it easy. Politics is a process and not an event. Politics hadzidi dzungu Amai cool down, rwendo rurefu. Handei tione so says Musoro bangu.

  8. Aha Mnangagwa you were not supposed to have allowed this abuse in the first place. No one can abuse you without your consent. Now you cant stop it. The first lady is baying for your blood and if the President gives in to the First lady’s demands, you will be expelled this week marking the end of your weak strategy that you were using. you allowed the Mutsvangas, the Chiwengas and the Mutodis to do the job for you. you were supposed to be actively involved in your project. when the first lady starts her project, she makes sure it gets finished. sorry ED

  9. He gets actively involved in his project he gets burnt to a crisp like Solomon Mujuru.

  10. Let’s try understand the First Lady. It’s clear she is running out of time to ensure that anyone who eventually succeeds the President would be someone who can guarantee her security. She needs a political insurance policy. But her Empowerbank rant drove her far much away from the potential successors. Who can be sure he won’t be reminded who appointed him? Sekeramayi? He would be an idiot. Probably she can be her own guarantor. Unfortunately she can’t.

  11. Mnangagwa should just step aside. How can he continue to be humiliated day in day out. Grace is in panic mode and therefore will not rest until ED is removed from office.

    1. Grace does not own zanupf so she cannot force ED out. Mugabe must also be careful if the people who pretend to support him are real or are protecting their loot.

    2. jojo wekumafeso

      Flush them out Amai im totally behind the first .if these guys are gone its easier for the opposition to win next elections.

  12. So only 3 out of 9 provincial “leaders” hatched a stupid plan that didn’t materialise…..ummmmmm how many votes are for ED (should he survive) or to be spread around the opposition and how many for those desperate to cling onto dinosaurs? very telling indeed!!

  13. Out of respect for “The Mother of the Nation”…….my foot, what mother is always shouting and humiliating her own children? A mother who takes pride in belittling her children in front of the World is shameless. They say pride is the burden of foolishness.

  14. Why is the Graceless FIST Lady allowing herself to be manipulated by the heartless Moyo? Does she think she can in future manage to harness the man who is as wild as a dinosaur and as wily as a serpent? Does the self proclaiming mother of the nation have to dissolve into cataclysmic fits of anger like that?

  15. Smart move Ngwena. Don’t quit or be drawn into useless slanging matches, hang in there daddy.

  16. Comment…Dr mai varikungozvi gadzirira size voga vanhu vasingabati sezvavakaita ku south africa. Munoda kupururidzirwa nani michiita sechimbwa mupengo dr ?

  17. So she knows zanupf supporters give him loud cheers, so if they fire him what happens to those most supporters who cheer him? Whoever takes over from hubby except your son, your mukuwasha or muzukuru will make sure you are put in your rightful place the typing pool provided Ray Kaukonde does not unplick you there too. president has failed to control his wife. Good for youths who refused to comment, and for the youths to refuse to comment Grace must be very afraid.

  18. Seems like they are trying to make sure ED does not respond to Moyo’s video rants. What are they hiding? If Grace does not see that the leader of factionalism if Jonathan Moyo they she is very blind and her blindness is her downfall. ZanuPF has not known peace since Jona joined them.

  19. grace is a better devil

  20. Comment…looks like the fist whore has nothing to offer other than fighting whoever is appointment. How can ED be accused of the same allegationgs as Dr joy Mujuru. Gire is afraid of her own shadows. In less than four years, two VPs are guilt of the same offenses. She is invited to officiate, she is on ED just yesterday it was Joy. She claims to be perfect but thats not what we know about her. She is uncouth. As for the old man, he terrorises the the girls in the office, eg Oppah, Faby(she was Didmus Mutasa’s sec) and Gire herself.

  21. Ndobva Tadii Paya

    So Grace also thinks about her life after Mugabe??? So why this level of stupidity then? You create enemies on daily basis and South Africa is now a no-go area for ever!!!

  22. Vincent Gwarazimba

    Some people never learn from history. Indeed Mugabe is old and can go anytime. Grace should be creating better relationship with everyone in ZANUPF for the future her future and her children. She must understand Zimbabweans. They will praise you today and tomorrow they villify you. GRACE DONT DO THAT. WHATEVER MNAGAGWA DID TO YOU HE MEARNT NO HARM. You will suffered very very very soon. Very soon.

    1. Comment…shame on you Gire lunatic

  23. munangagwa aifunga kuti kubviswa kudefense woitwa vp wapinda it was a calculated move u are going baba

  24. Yaa if you are married to a prostitute you are in real trouble. Mukadzi uyu ihure and hure harinanyadzi. Munhu wepi asina mabrake. Hure harisarudze mazwi ekutaura. Nyika ino yaita munyama nemhuri iyi.

  25. We want them to debate on economy ,on podium,all watching on TV,zbc,cnn,bbc sabc,al jazeera.Thats modern politics.Put Mugabe ,Mnangagwa,Tsvangirai,Nujuru and Grace on podium and fire economic questions.We dont want leaders with big mouths and no maplan for economy.I bet all Ngwena will come out tops plus he has all zanu support.Sekuru Jongwe its time to go.If you remove Ngwena you wont last a month.People are fed up with you now.noone is scared of you anymore.Last week i heard Mahoka apologising saying Ngwena must come in now.She says she was doing what she did for money paid byGrace.ECONOMY PLEASE. aND SEKURU LEAVE VENDOURS ALONE.dEAL WITH INDUSTRY AND JOBS 1ST.Or let ngwena do it because he can and wont take forever to bring results.

  26. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    The lady is simply illiterate as far as politics is concerned.She does not understand the political dynamics of this world let alone the African Politics.She rants and get excited over trivia like a woman in a polygamous arrangement oblivious of the fact that things can turn upside down for her without being forewarned.She should read read what happened to the gang of four after the departure of Mao tse Tung.His widow suffered a lot and ended up being a nonentity in China.Should also read what happened to the then president of Ivory Coast and his wife,they are now serving jail term in the country they ruled with an iron fist.

    1. Comment…Even Satan him self doesn’t want Doctor PHD lunatic Gire,she is a curse to our nation

  27. No nation with a mother nor father of course but only a leader

  28. Dhodha remumuganga

    Museveni, when commenting to Queen Elizabeth about Mugabe, had this to say, “You don’t talk to a revolutionary just like that”. Goko is a real war vet.He ran away from Rhodesian intelligence while in Egyptian hospital receiving treatment and walked all the way from Egypt to Sudan. Gire waivepi. Gire une hutsinye. Gire unovhaira. Mave kuzoiswa mbumburu mumusoro hapana anoipindira.

  29. There is no need to respond to crap spewed on twitter or at rallies. Nyika inoona nekunzwa. Richard Chidza, can’t you write a piece just from people’s comments?

  30. Blessed mugwagwa

    Dr Amai for president. I’m beginning to like this woman. She grabs the bull by the horns.

  31. Beware the ides of October 17

  32. Comment…she is crazy this woman , she needs deliverance!

  33. Comment…i like this. We have suffered a lot under their rule. Let them devour each other. God’s time. Ukatamba nemoto unofa nemoto. We are watching from the terraces. Kana iri nhamo nenzara tatojaira tichinyeperwa kuti ma sanctions akaiswa neBritain neAmerica ivo vachiguta. Saka regai dzibayane dzakaguta. Asi iyezvino kwaakuenda nhete hobvu dzinokorwa nemanda.

  34. It is quite clear that the welfare of the general Zimbabweans is trivial and frivolous as the factional battles in the ruling party intensifies each time the click ticks. Where are the 2.2 million jobs promised?. Have we archived the 7% average growth rate of the economy which is articulated in the ZIMASSET.

  35. Hameno kuti zvinoreveyi izvi. Kungoti amai havazivi kuti kune vamwe vazhinji vasiri mupolitics varikutosemeswa nehunhu hwavo saFirst Lady besides zvemahumbwe epaSOUTH.

  36. Tantan Pfumbidzayi

    Mai Mugabe thinks she can have everything in life. Its a matter of time mother before you can be kicked out of all the farms and all the houses because they were all built from your loot.
    At the moment continue pressing the panic button, uchagadziriswa hako. All the pple, whoever will assume the presidence will surely punish you madam.
    its only a matter of tym.

  37. So to Grace if you disagree with her you must resign from the party, does she own it?

  38. Grace is more to mocking than leading she can’t even say a word that leads to inspiration to the nation as amai

  39. Mmmm….Just living people with bad comments every time amai….whyy

  40. Gore rino, iro rino richanakidza. Regai tione kuti tobva tadii..

  41. Have you ever considered publishing an e-book or gust writing on other websites? I have a blog based on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my readers would appreciate your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e mail.

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