Grace organises ‘Super Sunday’ rally

Grace Mugabe

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe’s interface rally with members of various apostolic sects has been set for next Sunday, November 5 at Rufaro Stadium, Harare.


Zanu PF Harare provincial political commissar, Shadreck Mashayamombe yesterday said Grace had agreed to address the vapostori next Sunday.

“We met representatives of the various churches to prepare for the meeting with the First Lady. The churches have requested to meet amai and that she be guest of honour at the interface rally,” he said.

“The interface rally will be held on November 5 at Rufaro Stadium in Mbare. It will be a big event and we have dubbed it Super Sunday. We want as many churches as possible to attend and hope the number to go above 100 000. The churches requested to meet amai and, as a party, we will take advantage of the interface to mobilise for the party. Members will be drawn from mainly Zion and Apostolic churches.”

Mashayamombe said the November 5 interface rally would be different from other Grace rally organised by the newly-formed Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches’ Council led by former Zanu PF central committee member, Jimayi Muduvuri, also slated for sometime next month at Zimbabwe Grounds, Highfield.

Zanu PF is targeting over five million voters in next year’s general elections, with the majority fished from churches, its traditional hunting ground.


  1. This bitch has gone mad & churches as well what’s this all nonsense mapositori ku shaya chikoro hamufi maka pepuka how can you interact with such a monster muri kutambura vana havaendi ku sikuru nzara bhee zvirwere worse nxaaaa useless people!!!!

  2. Then these Vapostori and Zion Church members are partisan and used by ZANU PF. These are the who does not read the bible and they are brainwashed. How can you leave your prayer to attend a Church rally. This is mixing water and oil.Politics + Christanity =Zero.

  3. It’s really sad that people from these sects can be dragged into these useless meetings. What will they gain from these meetings with Grace? And why is Grace targeting them – for votes – that’s a disgrace.

  4. Rufaro Stadium has a sitting capacity of 30k plus another 10k VIP`s sitting on the pitch,what about the other 60k??pandemonium…..anyway who cares.

  5. Why does NewsDay report one story differently worded starting with the headline very misleading last week you told us that the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches’ Council led by former Zanu PF central committee member, Jimayi Muduvuri, has invited Grace Mugabe to be the gust of honour, but today you are portraying a picture that Grace Mugabe is the one inviting members of the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches, what kind of journalism / reporting is this don’t take us for granted.

  6. Pamberi naAmai. Amai paNyanga. fambai nembora amai muidambuire dambure ZANU. Lets support amai. Dont you see whats happening. Jonah is destroying from within. Ngwena Pabench.

  7. While you make all the noises, one thing that doesn’t change is that ZPF is visibly campaigning while MDC and the rest of the opposition are snoozing. When the results are out you claim rigging. Its so frustrating to be a Zimbo with such useless opposition.

  8. I am surprised at all this negativity towards ZANU because if it we’re not him all the rest would be puppets of the west which the opposition wants. When will people wake up to them, Mugabe did and the opposition wants us to go back to WESTERN RULE, NO! LONG LIVE GABRIEL an angel sent to our country. Yes “they” say human rights abuse GIVE ME A BREAK because the WEST is the master OF human rights abuse almost every where even here in our country TEN FOLD. no one should tell us how to live our lives but us and that is what he has fought for all his life. I will say it again, LONG LIVE CDE. MUGABE

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