Grace for President

First Lady Grace Mugabe. Pic by Shepherd Tozvireva

THE Zanu PF Manicaland provincial executive committee yesterday made a strange demand that the agenda for the party’s proposed extra-ordinary congress includes the appointment of a female vice-president, in a suspected bid to smuggle First Lady Grace Mugabe into the presidium.


Their position contradicted other provinces in the ruling party had endorsed President Robert Mugabe’s candidature, adding an intriguing dimension to the party’s December extra-ordinary congress.

In voting for an extra-ordinary congress, Manicaland said they wanted to discuss the elevation of a woman into the presidium a move likely to see First Lady Grace Mugabe being awarded State power and underfire Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa being booted out of office, as Mugabe’s succession turns nastier.

The ruling party’s provincial women’s league chairlady Estery Muyambo Madhuku moved the motion for a female vice-president.

“As the women’s league, we have endorsed that an extra-ordinary congress should be held in December and we are proposing that we should have a women’s representative,’’ she said.

Mugabe recently indicated that he could appoint a third vice-president to end the factional fights within Zanu PF.

Section 26(2) of the Zanu PF constitution provides for an extra-ordinary congress, only if there is a vacancy in the office of national president or when a successor is to be chosen.

At 93, Mugabe remains the party’s presidential candidate for the 2018 elections, although his advanced age and poor health might force him to step down from government and remain party president.

Provincial youth chairman Mubuso Chinguno warned that their main target at the congress was Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa leads the pack in Mugabe’s likely successors, with Grace and Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi touted as dark horses for the post.

“Women are there in Parliament and they are also there in Cabinet, so we are supporting you women to have someone in the presidium, as youths we are endorsing the extra-ordinary congress, we also want the issue of poison to be clarified, we want to know when was the poison used,” he said in apparent reference to Mnangagwa’s poisoning saga in Gwanda two months ago.

“There are people who are being sent to destabilise the party and we realised that we need to deal with the source, we should deal with the issue Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, he should come clean on these people and he should be accountable,” he said.

Provincial secretary for administration Kenneth Saruchera told the Zanu PF Manicaland provincial co-ordinating committee meeting that the province had unanimously endorsed the resolution of holding an extra-ordinary congress.

“We convened a meeting early today (yesterday) and we passed a resolution that there should be an extra-ordinary congress.

Manicaland province requested his Excellency, the first secretary of the party Comrade President Robert Mugabe in terms of the constitution section 26 (1)(c) to convene an extra ordinary congress,’’ he said.

“We want to specifically deliberate on the party’s solidarity with President Robert Mugabe and his confirmation as the candidate for the 2018 election and the urgency to take stork of the party and realign party structures. We are going to send our resolution to the party’s secretary for administration.”

This came as more than five party provinces had by yesterday endorsed the call for an extra-ordinary congress.

Party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said he was sure that the party was heading towards the special congress, which under normal circumstances would choose the party’s presidential candidate or the soon-to-be 94 years old Mugabe’s successor.


  1. If Mugabe thinks he can leave the throne to his useless G40 mafikizolo gang ahead of gallant sons of the soil who liberated this country then he is daydreaming, sure enough any Zimbo deserves to be president if they so wish but the way Mugabe is handling things just ain’t right


  2. We only hope the emerging congress will put everything in line including the behaviour of the first lady in public which is soiling the president’s image & his legacy. I foresee another boramusango if the president is not serious abt clipping Dr Grace’s wings.I see no purpose of electing Grace to the presidency of our country thru the backdoor.She seems the one who is going to exercise the functions of our state presidency if Mugabe is elected.Electing Grace thru the backdoor to the presidency of this country is unacceptable-povo yaramba.Mugabe must rein-in his wife!All zanu pf MPs might win but Grace must b stopped

  3. It has been all signs, though slow- paced, that installing Grace for the top seat has been the initial intention all along. Whereas her party constitution may give such a leeway, the opposition’s alternative is limited to forming a counter- coalition lest the deal is as good as done.

  4. I dont see anything strange with this. The Womens League has been advocating for a woman in the presidium for a while. Whether that woman is Grace is something for Zanu Pf to decide.

  5. If we as Zimbabweans allow this foolishness to prevail, then may we be cursed forever!!!! This is the time to cast our political differences aside and join hands to fight this madness. Imagine that woman at the helm of the country!!! Ikozvino asina power achidzinga vanhu kuMazowe nekutora Mazowe Dam, kuzoti ava president? Anotora lake Kariba. Apa hapasisina zvekuti Zanu Kana MDC, apa zvava zveZimbabwe. Vapfna ana Chipanga vaye shud be stopped otherwise our country is lost. Even maCIO nemasoja nemapurisa mukatendera zvakadai nyika yaparara.

  6. By Kenneth Nyangani/ Everson Mushava? Indeed this Mushava must be on the G40 payroll. He is the one who reports in a misleading way in the Standard and his weekend article is enough proof that he receieved 9000 indeed. Munangagwa is going nowhere Mr Mushava and mari yamuri kudya muchairutsa rimwe gore yozvimbira.

    • Mnangagwa is a done deal. He will not survive this kind of attack. Unfortunately, he allowed these G40 to temper with the revolutionary cadres such Mujurus, Mutasazi, Gumbozi. These G40 are really crocodiles once they taste your blood they do not stop. His Excellency is now old and he is the king pin behind this.

    • Yaaa now harare cbd yachena zveshuwa bt panesvina imwechete yandir kuramba ndichiona mitsetse kuma bank uko haa itsvina mtwn

  7. Comment…This Mubuso thing is very scandalous, corrupt and confused, what is wrong with Manicaland, my beloved province.

  8. All right minded Zanu PF supporters will not vote for Mugabe/ Grace. I will vote for an opposition Presidential candidate and my Zanu PF MP and Councillor.

  9. Zanu guys swallow your pride and chase Mugabe.Bvumai kuti makanyira mugumbeze tokugezesai! hatina utsinye as we just want to rebuild Zimbabwe.Zanu pf can only rebuilt itself while in opposition, kwete varimuhurumende.

  10. I think Cde Munangagwa is finished dont expect anything from his camp. i am actually warming up to Amai Grace being the President of the Republic its not a bad idea after all

    • Its a good thing that you think. However,your thinking reflects on your opinions. So always compare your thinking with the facts. That camp has been there for a long time and you have no idea of its operations. Not expecting anything from it is optional but ruling out anything from it is disastrous ignorance

    • Comment…you are not well in the head.allowing grace will show the whole world how gullible the educated zimbos really are.its actually a shame.this mugabe family drama shall be studied in history just as we study other dictators hitler and musolini nxaa.

  11. both of them,.. grace,mnangagwa,goblin, kasukuwere, sekeramai, mujuru cant revive this economy coz vakagua kare. I propose for a youthfull president achiri kuda zvekuzvara whose age should be 40, to lead this nation. munhu achine tariro yokurera mhuri ndowatoda coz achavavarira kugadziranyika kuitirwo vana vake raramo yakanaka. Kana ari weMDC toda someone as young as chamisa. handina kuti ndoda kuti chamisa atonge but i have just made a particular reference. Kana kuri kuzanu pf i have no ideal reference coz ese matuzvi kutonyanya vari youthfull vacho

  12. It seems like you guys on this platform you can not read the implications of the special resolution. I dont blame you because you are not ZANU PF supporters. The special resolution specifically says to re affirm Mugabe’s 2018 presidential candidature, resolve the shelved resolution that a woman should also be a VP. The resolution is just as good as confirmed because no province has nominated a new president, all provinces proposed the resolution of the woman issue. After the 2018 elections, the woman VP has a strong chance of becoming the next national president because Mugabe is going to serve his last term in terms of the constitution. You can guess who is going to be nominated the woman VP.

  13. “in a suspected bid to smuggle First Lady Grace Mugabe into the presidium.” haaaa am likeing the diction kkkkkkkkk

  14. Rue6 – Its not suspected bid to smuggle. ITS open resolution proposal by the 10 provinces without alteration, addition or amendment. The provinces were asked to come up with independenat proposed resolutions. What is left is either to confirm with or without amendments or reject the proposed resolution. Call it democracy the ZANU PF way.

    • Its old man’s tricks. 9 provinces made a resolution to fire Kasukuwere and what happened to him? Mugabe stopped the firing because he was and is still his foot soldier. In 2004 eight provinces proposed the installation of Ngwena as the VP after death of Mzee. What happened to him? Mugabe smuggled Joice instead. Uchanzwa G40 master oti ndakasarudzwa pa congress kuti ndive Leader of Zanupf but you have already, as you always do, selected yourself even before the congress. Izvezvi maProvinces were made to announce that pana Mugabe hapabatwi. Munhu wese must be subjected to selection through fair and credible vote. Pasina izvozvo hapana kusarudzwa apa asi kuti kuzviisa pachigaro chete chete. Zanu iyi ndeyevanhu kwete kuti ndeye mhuri imwe. Kwete kwete tsvooo. You now call for special congress kuti uise mukadzi wako fully knowing that all provincial chairmen who were suspected of being sympathetic to Ngwena were fired, all youth, women, war vets and anyone suspected of supporting ngwena was fired from the party. This is demonic dictatorial tendencies that have to be dealt once and for all. How do you deal with such type of dictatorial type of leadership? This type needs fearless leaders like ngwena to explore other better robust options. Please Ngwena lead us to the promised land where milk and honey flows. I know hausi Gwara mhani. Mavhitorri haasi makwara ka. These people want to humiliate you pa congress. Chenjera. Sorry Ngwena you were used to clear the path of Dr Disgrace’s rise to the throne. From the firing of Mai Mujuru (number 1 obstale ya Grace) … it was crystal clear that Grace is going to be smuggled to the top leadership through divide and rule tactics. After weakening all your support base of Ngwena. G40 master is now after NGWENA. HE WANTED TO GET RID OF ngwena pa reshuffle but he now wants it to appear as if the “party” and not him has fired Croc. Sorry Hako Homey.

  15. Comment…Dr Joy Mujuru was haunted out of zpf to make room Gire but the likes of ED, Mutsvangwa etc were hondwinked to believe that Joy really to topple the old man. Joy had become almost accepted as the next president as she is experienced,cultured and educated. Gire is opposite.

  16. No No No that will never happen.Grace does not qualify to be the President of Zimbabwe. Sleeping with Mugabe does not automatically qualify her to be President. Last days are dangerous for sure.The old man is totally lost.

  17. both of them,.. grace,mnangagwa,goblin, kasukuwere, sekeramai, mujuru cant revive this economy coz vakaguta kare. I propose for a youthfull president achiri kuda zvekuzvara whose age should be 40, to lead this nation. munhu achine tariro yokurera mhuri ndowatoda coz achavavarira kugadziranyika kuitirwo vana vake raramo yakanaka. Kana ari weMDC toda someone as young as chamisa. handina kuti ndoda kuti chamisa atonge but i have just made a particular reference. Kana kuri kuzanu pf i have no ideal reference coz ese matuzvi kutonyanya vari youthfull vacho

    • Its not about youthfulness, there are many youthful leaders who are messing big time, we need a responsible president even if he is 100 years. At least he is easy to remove (by death) than a youth who will refuse to go too. E.g Kabila.

  18. Three vice-presidents are going to emerge from the special congress and one of them shall be concentrating on nursing the party, they will call it rejuvenating the party, two will go with Mugabe to government( or so they are scheming ) from where Mugabe will conviniently fall sick perhaps and then cause the last acting president to take over the reigns in accordance with the National Constitution, your guess is as good as mine kuti who shall be made the last Acting President! I am just amused kuti ana Chris and Matemadanda vairoposha kuti they shall stop this congress vanozviita seiko from the cold outside! Pitiful sell-outs of the comrades’ genuine welfare concerns. Anyway, I also notice the congress has been recommended for by mostly COOPTED provincial leaderships,non elected! Whose interests and persuits do they represent! Ndosaka. But Constitution yeZanu haina defination of Province that takes account of elected and none-elected provincial leadership.Kurumwa nechekuchera chaiko, inonzi one-centre-of-power! Kwakasvika Zvobgo ndokuchasvikwa naNgwena wenyu.Learn to do things for the people and never for the person! Kaurayi makadero isu takabuda kudhara tikazvigarira.

    • Initially it was zanu vanhu vanhu i zanu, then cell i zanu zanu i cell, then district i zanu zanu i district, then province i zanu zanu i province, moved to central committee i zanu zanu i central committee, then politiburo i zanu zanu i politiburo, a step further zanu ndi mugabe mugabe i zanu, then amai izanu zanu ndi amai.

  19. I think Zanupf youths are not very clever the way they throw mud at one of the veterans of the war of chimurenga leaves a lot to be desired. Mbuso whatever they call him must be a bit clever else he will be made to eat his words.

  20. Mashura padunhu asi Marujata akutoda zve presidium. So its gon be Marujata, Sekeramayi and Mphoko in the presidum if ED is to keep on entertaining Mugabe’s game. One thing for sure is that they are going for a war against her and its gon be hard to believe kut Marujata is using the back door into the presidium and it seems to be working. But this is the land of our fathers and we will not allow such madness to entertain personal interests at the expense of the ordinary Zimbabweans. GRACE YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED, LOOT NOW OR NEVER FOR THE WRATH OF LAW WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU AFTER HE’S GONE. BELIEVE ME THESE WORDS ARE REAL MARUJATA

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