Glen Norah MP missing in action


Glen Norah high-density suburb has a population of plus or minus 60 000. The constituency has two secondary schools — one of them offering A Level studies, seven primary schools and one clinic in ward 27, according to local MP Webster Maondera.


The constituency is also home to St Peter’s Kubatana, which is a Jesuit institution, (a branch of the Roman Catholic Church), established in 1963 and includes a technical school.

Some of the notable personalities that have come out of Glen Norah include musicians Desmond Chideme, popularly known as Stunner, Alexio Kawara, footballer Tinashe Nengomasha and MDC legislator Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga.

Problems in the constituency that the MP could highlight in Parliament as oral or written questions include:

— High unemployment and poverty levels (Home Affairs minister)

— Failure by power utility Zesa Holdings to complete installation of prepaid meters (Energy minister)

— Lack of vehicles at Glen Norah Police Station (Home Affairs minister)

— Orphans due to the Aids scourge (Public Service and Social Welfare minister)

— Dilapidated road infrastructure (Transport or Local Government minister)

— Child marriages (Women Affairs and Gender, Minister of Justice minister)

— Delay by government to regularise a new settlement (Local Government minister)

— Poor and inadequate facilities at most schools (Education minister)

— Inadequate public health facilities (Health minister)

Performance of the MP

Maondera sits in the Local Government and Transport committees, where he is quite vocal and is active when it comes to Parliament legislative business.

In the National Assembly, he has managed to ask several questions pertaining to diverse problems affecting the general populace, but members of his constituency described him as invisible.

What people from Glen Norah said about their MP

Sandra Chinembiri (Glen Norah B)

We don’t even see him in Glen Norah. He doesn’t even pay attention to what happens in our suburb. Along High Glen Road, people are being run over by cars quite often because there are no speed humps.

We expect him to speak out about such issues during Parliament’s question and answer sessions.

Runnington Spears (Glen Norah B)

I know him, but he chooses people according to political affiliation. If you do not belong to his party, he won’t recognise you, yet he is supposed to represent everyone who resides in his constituency. The truth is we only see him around election time.

Paul Phiri (Glen Norah C)

He does not visit the people and I do not think he is concerned about their well-being. Recently, people were evicted, but he didn’t come to meet the victims. As an MP, he should be concerned about the well-being of his people.

Jim Makuja (Glen Norah A)

We only see him on television during parliamentary debates. Right now, there is voter registration and we don’t even know where it’s taking place in our area. Isn’t it his job to make sure that we know, so that we vote him back?

Martin Matakanyore (Glen Norah A)

I do not know him personally, but I only see him driving through. However, I think he has done his job, as I see him participating in Parliament during live debates on television. He is the one that helped renovate some roads, and he also drilled a few boreholes.

Maondera’s response

Under trying and very difficult circumstances, I think I have accomplished something that warrants me to be voted back into office.

I have pushed for the rehabilitation of High Glen and Gumbe roads. I pressed Zesa Holdings to install prepaid meters at some houses, although a lot still needs to be done.

I rehabilitated some boreholes for the communities to get safe drinking water.

I also assisted in the setting-up of housing projects and we have seven housing co-operatives, which are at different levels of development.

For all these projects, I sourced the funds from my own coffers and from development partners. I actually stay in the constituency. I hold feedback meetings at least after every two months. I am going to contest in the next elections in order to finish the projects in a New Zimbabwe.


  1. This is the same throughout most MPs are seen during election time, but questions of unemployment will never have answers even if asked because this country is run by the mafia. High Glen road is a slow moving road so I don’t know if it has to be humped from where to where? Anyone who uses High Glen road in Glen Norah section will know that you can;t even drive at more than 40km/hr on that road. The Mp must though be visible to the people that is why Smith always wanted an MP who stays in the same area as his people. Sikhala lived in St Marys so he was very visible.

  2. MPs vose vachida kupinda Muparamende vanoti, ‘mukandivhotera
    ndozoita izvi neizvi. Vaamo, chiitaika zvamakavimbisa. Monzwa voti,ndikawana mari ndichaita. Ndozvamakavimbisa here, kuti mukawana mari muchazoti? Kana maingoti ndivhotereyi ndozoita izvi? Pedzezvo votizve vanhu vangu. Ndiyani akasarudza mumwe apa? Vanhu here kana MPs? MPs vachida kuvhoterwa ngavape vanhu CVs pose pavanoita misangano wekutsvaka kuvhoterwa. Uye CV iri richirakidza zvavakamboitawo vasati voda kutsvaka kuvhoterwa munzvimbo iyi. MPs neCouncellors itaiwo WEBSITES. NetOne, Telecel, Africom neEconet mabasa owanda, vana varikubva kuzvikoro vowana mabasawo. CVs neWESITES purizi MPs neCouncellors.

  3. Our MPs are nowhere to be seen. I don’t even who the MP for Mainway Meadows is? I have lots of questions for him or her.

  4. They (MPs) have turn rot… They say development (building of schools, clinics, roads etc ) but really they dont mean it…. They are given $50000 every year for these developments but the opt to put 7 boreholes and thats the end of the story… This time what matters are the people who have the nation at heart not these guys who steal under the banner “ZVINHU ZVAKAOMA MAZUVA ANO” and you don’t even see them until the next election period. Ma MP haana basa chero wamaisa whether ZANU or Alliance they are the same tsvagai anoda vanhu… Which means 2018 presidential candidates ndodzinebasa rese, ariko tried and tested

  5. Comment…Panofanirwa kuiskwa mutemo wekuti vanhu vabvumirwe kubvisa MPs kana vasingasangane nevamhu vakavasarudza, nekuita mabasa avo nemazvo. “VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE.” Kwete kumirazve imwezve sarudzo mushure memakore mashanu, vanhu vachingosvuzva nenhamo.

  6. Developmental issues are not duties of an MP (Legislative), those are duties of the Executive through the relevant ministries, be it Local Gvt, Home Affairs, Transport etc. MPs are elected to make laws, and sync them with the needs of their constituencies, oversee the Executive is following the law (impeach if not)… For the past years, the parliament should have made is priority all laws are in sync with the new constitution… So this issue of MPs promising dams, roads and bridges is just a gimmick which is never fulfilled because they do not have the means and mandate by law to do that..

  7. HON Maondera is nowhere to be seen in the past five years, he’s practically invinsible. he has never done a constituency meeting and most people dont even know him physically. he obviously won the elwectrion bcz of the MDC ticket but on the ground HAPANA period. MP wekupi asingapinda muvanhu achinzwa zvichemo. he’s never been kwaFatso kuB yet he stays close by. kuchitubu and spaceman people dont even know the guy. kuC its worse because for some reason he thinks its a zanu stronghold. sorry sir but this time you are not gettin my vote. GLEN NORAH HAS HAD THE WORST MPs SINCE TIME IN MEMMORIAL KUBVA KUMA 80s. THEY SIMPLY GET INTO POWER AND DISAPPEAR. MR DZIRUTWE WAS JUST THE SAME, HAPANA HAPANA

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