FreeZim leader promises jobs, a better Zimbabwe

FreeZim leader Joseph Busha

FreeZim Congress party leader, Joseph Busha has dismissed Zimbabwe’s coalition of opposition parties, saying their character is not very clear, and adding they are interested in self-preservation than the interests of the people.


FreeZim leader Joseph Busha

Busha says if his party wins the 2018 Presidential elections, they will begin a process of re-building the country’s industry and courting foreign direct investment in order to create employment.

The following are excerpts from an interview between NewsDay senior reporter, Veneranda Langa (ND) and Busha (JB) about his political party and the 2018 elections.

ND: Who is Joseph Busha and how and when did you form the FreeZim Congress party?

JB: Joseph Busha is a child of the African democratic revolution, a servant-leader who, by 1985, had realised that the freedom of Zimbabweans would be compromised by greedy, selfish leadership of Zanu PF, and that the liberation-struggle heroes, heroines and all will be betrayed in the end, and, hence, the birth of FreeZim Congress in 1986.

FreeZim Congress was born on the tenets of the liberation struggle to complete the struggle for total independence of Zimbabwe — economic and social freedom.

There is no social freedom, social justice and economic freedom in Zimbabwe today. Now, the Third Chimurenga is to deliver these three: social justice, social freedom, and economic freedom, and I am leading that engagement and process. And we, Zimbabweans, will win. Good prevails over evil always.

ND: What is the membership of your political party like since it was formed way back in 1986? What is your support base?

JB: We are in every corner of Zimbabwe and we are in the process of recording our actual membership. The awareness campaign started in 2010. We fielded 10 MP candidates in 2013, and we will field 210 in 2018. We are growing. Watch the space.

ND: So, in 2018 are you going to contest for the presidency?

JB: Certainly, my name will be on the ballot paper, and will be the choice of the people. Vote President Busha for 2018 and beyond.

ND: Is your political party going to join the opposition coalition? If not, why? If yes, why do you think the opposition should form a coalition in order to unseat the ruling Zanu PF party?

JB: We are not members of any coalition. Who is in the coalition? What is their track record? Are they in the coalition to serve Zimbabweans or for personal benefit, positions, or jobs? What are those joining the coalition giving up? Are they currently productive? What holds the coalition together, what is the character of the coalition?

These are the questions that must be answered first. My view is that some are in the coalition for self-preservation — wanting to feed of the public purse first post 2018 elections.

Time for playing with the people is gone, we now need true selfless leaders — introduce me to one or some and I will join hands with them.

ND: What really are the main issues or problems that you wish to address in Zimbabwe if you win the 2018 elections?

JB: The main issues will be production (output), getting the factories working and creating employment again.

Getting investments, infrastructure and the economy going will fix the currency crisis and many other social ills.
Without delay and continuously, we will assure Zimbabweans that we are all the same, restore trust, civil liberties, dignity and social justice.

Everyone is equal in the eyes of God and the law, the Constitution. No compromise on respect of human rights, it’s a right and not a privilege. Respect people!

ND: Do you think Zimbabwe is now ready for the 2018 general elections? Do you think the environment legally, politically and so on, is conducive?

JB: The environment is not legally, socially nor politically conducive for free and fair elections in 2018. Intimidation is rife, but everything has a beginning and an end. This is the end of the evil regime of Zanu PF, and the beginning of a better Zimbabwe for all under the people-centred good governance of FreeZim Congress.
Joseph Busha is the messenger of peace, the son of the soil, and one who fears the Lord and truly cares for the people. He is here and has faith in winning the 2018 elections.

ND: What electoral changes would you like to see happen before the 2018 general elections?

JB: The first desired change would be to change police’s conduct, that is, “baptise” some of those in the police force. Most are brutal in their approach when dealing with people. Most police officers treat civilians inhumanly.

They need to work with the people and not be feared. Zimbabweans must feel safe in the hands of the police, not feel trapped to be beaten anytime. Secondly, vote counting must be manual at ward level, and the BVR [biometric voter registration] system must be used as a back-up.

ND: What are your general views on other political parties in the country?

JB: Most political parties in Zimbabwe do not have quality, authentic leadership and, hence, the paralysis, fighting and factions. Most have nothing to offer, there are too many wannabes.

ND: How confident are you of winning the 2018 Presidential elections?

JB: If we are allowed to campaign freely, there is no shadow of a doubt that I represent the aspirations of many Zimbabweans and the rest of the continent and will win the 2018 elections. I am 100% confident that I will win.


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