Form 2 student hangs self over boyfriend


A FORM 2 student at Nyamashato Secondary School in Murewa committed suicide last week using a necktie after her boyfriend allegedly dumped her after authorities had threatened to punish the two over their affair.

By Jairos Saunyama

The 16-year-old girl from Marozva village, under Chief Mangwende, hanged herself in a garden and the body was discovered by her 66-year-old grandmother, who reported the matter to the

Mashonaland East Province police were not available for comment yesterday despite efforts to engage them.

According to a reliable source, on October 20, the girl told her grandmother that school authorities had threatened to punish her after she had returned from the weekend.

It is reported that her grandmother quizzed her about the reasons and the nature of the punishment, but she refused to disclose.
The following morning, the girl left to water vegetables in a garden as was her routine.

When the grandmother followed later, she found her granddaughter’s body hanging from a tree.

The incident was reported to the police who attended the scene and took the body to the Murewa District Hospital mortuary for a post-mortem.

However, it later emerged that the girl was having an affair with a classmate before the school authorities discovered it and reprimanded the two.

After the reprimand, the boy ended the affair, but this did not go down with the girl, resulting in her committing suicide.


  1. no kids are right teachers need counselling its not teachers responsiblities to end youngsters love affairs. some people got love from Grade 1 they continue love through out their secondary education its automatic to some people so who are teachers to end this? Teachers have to know their responsiblities they are going out of their bounderies.

    • true teachers are going are going out of boundaries. The couples’s love affair was absolutely NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS.Vadokora can tell us whether this TEACHERS HAVE SUCH POWERS VESTED IN THEM TO REPREMAND love birds.This is unacceptable and has cost us a dear life.

    • It is part and parcel of teachers’ responsibilities to advise and warn children of the dangers of adolescent love relationships which are often associated with premarital sex. The majority of parents and guardians, myself included actually commend teachers for exercising such responsibility. It is unfortunate the girl was so weak at heart that she made such a tragic decision. May her soul rest in peace.

    • School is not a dating place to find “love”. Teachers have a duty to ensure schools are a safe place and to set boundaries for students so that they concentrate on getting an academic education.

  2. At times it could be the guardian to blame… She might have been told that if the news gets home, she is just as good as dead. This girl was just scared. Adults (guardians/teachers/neighbours) should learn to ADVICE kids not promise them a death penalty if they do wrong.

  3. I, sadly, have to agree with “t”. May this girls soul rest in eternal peace. Needless to say, teachers are well known for having workplace relationships and they are the least qualified people to interfere in issues of “perceived love”. They need to realise that these issues are part of growing up and are, in themselves, lessons to our kids. I am 40 and married to a wife that I started dating in form two. God forbid if anyone had come between us.

  4. Yes unbanked you are very right. Teachers sometimes seems like as if they dont think at all. Who on earth will live without love if you find your child not having love then pray for that child because love is part of life unless if the child is having sex then he/she might deserve some counselling with the help of teachers and parents it will be a way of grooming a child but not to prohibit or beat a child because she is having love its not good.

  5. Looks like of late there is a rise in number of pupils committing suicide and a rise as well of number of churches/prophets. Ko ngavanamatire vana nenyika at large. Parents/guardians take time to pray for your children


    • No one says teachers must not discipline children however according to the constitution of Zimbabwe teachers have no right to beat children its the mandate of the parents even in the bible fathers are instructed to train their sons this is not the issue in this context it seems like you are a teacher tooo. The issue here is about prohibiting love to children where in the bible have you read that people at school must not make love if you have a verse of it please do post it here. We are not saying teachers must neglect students perfoming bad habits even you yourself started making love during your secondary level , l myself have a Degree life is going on l am not seeing what love will affect a human being in life else its a process where by people learn how to manage love.

  7. kanopenga ako. Teachers were right to reprimand the two. Bhuku ne mboro hazvina relationship. Nditwo twunozotinetsa twatwupfambi

  8. Dont just rush to blame the teachers.My experience is that you find a girl with 4 units at grade seven falling in love with a boy with 36 units and the result is that the girl’s performance may drop to match that of the boy. As a teacher you become alarmed. Right now am dealing with an issue of a form 4 boy who is Hiv + and is madly in love and girls tells me that they have been involved in some ‘blood’ covenant, where they mix their blood as a sign of undying love. Some of these issues are very tricky guys.

    • You are very right those issues need parents and serious counselling but we cant say people stop make love. In every good thing bad things also happen. Can we say students dont go to University because there are no jobs? We cant do that. Some people will fail love some will pass but love is a necessity in life which we cant forgo l as a parent l cant tell my children that please make love but its natural life that children must make love

    • True. A normal respectful child should not take offense when they are disciplined by their elders.When I was that age I took discipline from elders very seriously, more so the teachers. The boy took heed of the advice and today he is alive and after a short period he will put this incident behind him and will no sooner than later find another beautiful girl to love him and this ill-fated girl will be lost to bad memories.

  9. Chikoro hachina basa. We have educated people who don’t even have jobs,we have educated people running the country but look at where zimbabwe is. Mabhuku aya amunokoshesa haana basa. Kids should learn life skills. I hate the old dogma that prevails in our country> Grades do not measure intelligence. If a child is in school they are not only meant to be taught science or all these other silly subjects. They need to be taught how to be citizens who will fend for themselves in the future. Thats what zimbabwe needs. Education is not the key to success. Education is not of much use because all they are doing is feeding kids information then they have to cram and memorize this stuff then u it on paper. Most kids go to school just for the sake of going to school. Kids should do what they love. Izvezvi kids are cheating just so they can pass to get an A and make parents proud. At the end of the day Zim is not going any where. Our education system must change. Kids must do what they love and govt schools should conduct themselves like some of these private schools. why should there be a difference between a kid from a govt school and a kid from private school. LET US EMBRACE CHANGE IN OUR NATION…………….

  10. I think children have the right to love, as long we tell them to focus more on thier education as it is their future . The time we try to fight them when they are in love is the time lost it , so i think we need to tell them that ,there is nothing wrong for them to find love but at their time they must think of their education and love later.

  11. All these lunatics who are advocating for youngsters like form 2 students to be left indulging in love affairs should get their heads examined.A normal teacher will not just fold his or her hands without telling these youngsters the consequences of such actions.You can never balance education and love at the same time.If the boy agreed to terminate the affair it is also an indication that he was not in love.She should have known that the boy was just whiling up time with her because if he was really in love he could have secreretly resisted the termination of the affair.They could have a secret affair without the teachers knowing it.And you hear some mad people saying that youngsters should not be reprimanded when they are on the wrong because they might end up taking their own life.Tell the youngsters when they are wrong and the choice is theirs to use their democratic right to take their own lives.

    • you are very incorrect. Being in love will affect nothing at that very young age love of school children is different to love of adults that is what you must know we have many children who pass with distinctions even if they fall in love including l myself. The cause of death is the improper interference of that dull teacher or headmaster whoever, their love was natural and happened naturally as what happened to all other humans, if the love was allowed to end naturally no death was to be occured, also the cause of death must result in the intimidation and pressure to the girl that is why the girl failed to explain further her problem to the mother. I think the school authorities must be held responsible . if l was the father of the child l guess the school was to be closed for a while.

  12. Well spoken Janana do you have a form 2 kid and what love can they give each other let alone define the word love.Blaming teachers is pure hogwash.These act as parents in our absense

  13. Janana you are the only level-headed person on this platform so far some of these idiots contributing here really have mental problems, God help us. No sane Father or Mother will allow that nonsense. Love at 16years what love are you talking about, just wasting parents money at these institutions.

    • When we put you to be the president you will be a dictator you dont value human rights? If l may ask wakatanga kuita musikana or mukomana at what age , people differs it doesnt mean kana wakaita first girlfriend at 25 then you are right other people right now are very successful and they started having girlfriends when they were form 1. Hapana chino affectror upenyu hwemunhu nekuti aita musikana even muBible chaimo hamutenderwi upombwe not kuti mwana arikuita love it doenst make any problem

  14. And usually thus why vana vasikana vachimitiswa its because of people parents lack of wisdom inin myself ndakadzidza pa MSU ndaiona vasikana vazhinji vachipfeka ma short vachiofamba usiku asi vachitori vasikana kwavo asked them why vakati the problem is ndikunyora my last exam mangwana so kana ndadzoka kumba mai vangu havadi ndibude gate so ndombofara zvekuguma till ndadzoka ku school you see now how bad things will be if you restrict people, inin my mom vaisandirambidza kubuda ndirimuface zvangu so l get used to anything when l was university ndakanga ndisina dzungu coz zvaisava zvitsva. When people start to make love when they are adults they only think that love is to have sex because paachatanga kuita love anenge akura kusina vabereki futi akashanyira mudiwa wangu votomitisana but now these kids vanodanana zvekutengerana ma freezits votojaira love havazoiti dzungu kana vakura

  15. Comment…Some people are just confused. The main reason why the young girl killed herself is because she was dumped, which means she is that kind of a girl who become obsessed in love. Even at the right age she was going to kill herself. Was it the first time she was promised to be disciplined? Discipline your children guys! Form 2 ? Really guys? If they get pregnant under teacher’s watch you go mad

  16. t kutengerana mafreezit?you will be shocked at what these kids are doing as early as 12 years old.i thought kuti vana vemu town chete but even in rural areas the kids have gone haywire. all they think about is sex….ma freezits??
    At 16 uyu angatokura uyu. most get married(kutizira) at that age these days.
    What needs to be done is for concerned parties to restrategies on how best to counsel these kids integrating the new trends. i dont think that it is bad for a sixteen year old girl to have a boyfriend as long as the relationship can be kept clean. in western cultures where our kids are adopting these trends through technologies like facebook,tv series and so on,it is acceptable for kids that young to have love affairs.but in this case, parents and guardians are involved. the kids are free to tell their parents what they would going through and so the parents are able to advise and guide. How many fathers here would have their 16 year old daughters come home hand in hand with a boy and say “dad I want you to meet my boyfriend”?Panogona kuita funeral. yet our kids see this on Nickeldon and they actually think its cool. for starters i suggest watching these foreign kids channel with our children and discuss what would be happening with them and see what they think. that way we as adults will also be able to engage our kids and soften up on some of the issues so that vana vedu vave free to discuss these things with us. it can be a starting point!!!

    • you are very 100% right. Ini chandashora kuti mwana akazviuraya nenhau yekuti mateacher akavarambidza kudanana and mateacher threatened her with punishment which means painge pasina counselling of course even inin ndikabata mwana wangu kuti une mukomana achiri mudiki l cant forgor coz zvinogona kuenderera asi handingarambidzi mwana kuita love you have to counsil kwete kuti ndomuti ndokuponda ukaita mukomana its not good

  17. dai mwana akazviuraya ari wako ndopawaiona kuti teacher uyu iduz man.m Coz teacher akangwara akaona kuti no love yevana iyi haisi kumuitira anodaidza vaberekli vevana kuchiokoro vabatsira vana not ku threatener mwana manje ndezvipi mwana akafa we cant bklame mwana because she was a minor and mwana uyu haana kana chaaitomboziva asi kuti akauraiswa nateacher vake vasina ruzivo

  18. I think government should be serious about having trained counselors in every school, just as they are advocating to have trained teachers in every school. Sometimes the counseling needed for these children goes beyond them.


  19. Comment…uuuuuuuummmmmmm shame. To lose a child at that tender age over something that she could have controlled. Kidz should learn to prioritize.
    Education first then zvemazirudo izvo later. She had her whole life ahead of her….and she goes on to shorten it.
    Gogo 66
    Girl 16…….
    50/yrs difference

  20. I dont see anything bad teachers did. The thoughts of suicide are a sign of adequate peer education in out system. If a 16 year old can choose to die for such a stupid reason she can still choose to die for another reason like being punished for not doing home work. The solution here is not found in blaming teachers who are the to protect out beloved kids which in fact helped the boy who realised his wrong doing and ended the affair. The solution is giving adequate peer education to school children maybe once or twice per week thats all we need.

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