‘Female artistes are not sex workers’

ENISIA Mashusha, the founder of all-female dance troupe, Mambokadzi, yesterday said there was need to humanise the entertainment space making it more user-friendly to women in the arts, as most of them end up victims of sexual abuse.


Mashusha danced her way to stardom after establishing the all-female dance ensemble, Mambokadzi, which won the hearts of many between 2005 and 2010, with their energetic performances.

Speaking to NewsDay from the United Kingdom where she is currently on tour, the actress, dancer and choreographer said the government must support and empower women in the performing arts.

“It is sad that talented women in performing arts have to hustle, if they are to make it. The government must come up with strategies to empower women in the arts, so that they can salvage something for better livelihoods from their efforts,” she said.

“Talented female artistes end up quitting the industry or being used as sex objects by their male counterparts, as they will be
trying to make ends meet. It is high time the government looked into it and see how best they can assist women in art.”

Mashusha said the majority of women in the industry earned “peanuts” and are at the mercy of male promoters.

“Women in arts receive peanuts, causing some of them to fall into the trap of being abused by the promoters so as to get more shows [but], if they can get a direct fund from the government, then they will be empowered.”

Mashusha said it was worrisome that many female artistes were forced to shelve their dreams after marriage because their husbands would not support their talents, adding that society must respect rather than ridicule them as people of loose morals.

“Women who have decided to venture into showbiz as a profession have been branded as loose prostitutes and sex workers,” she said.
“This negative and destructive societal attitude has seen most talented women, especially dancers dropping out of the performing arts industry.”

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  1. In the first world, female artistes are celebrated, they are celebs, of course not sex workers. But why different in Zimbabwe?

    1. THIS GENDER RUBBISH…IS NOW BEEN TAKEN to far…Women and man are the same but at the same end we need to realise that just because 1 man treats you like a prostitute dont generalise it as all men.
      on the same end we a need to understand that life is hard out there and some artist either male or female end up being sex worker

  2. Female artists should stop portraying themselves as sex workers. Your dances are sexually suggestive. Your clothing leaves less to the imagination, guys stop selling sexual innuendo and we make a consented effort to end this. Yes it wont just end bcoz there are males who are sick in the head but let us all make the effort.

    1. Pakanganiswa ndepapi

      sexually suggestive…? saka sei usina kumboti Beyonce ihure kana ana Minaj. Dont you dare use the “in our culture” rebut! muchongoyo waitabwa kwakapfekwa nhembe, pasina ma tights mukati or anything. how they dress & dance ndo branding yavowo just like ana Madonna nana Beyonce.

  3. They are indeed sex workers. KUramba havo asi mahure. Mabasa erima haabvumiki.

    1. Saka ukuti koshaikwa vaimbi vechikadzi muZimbabwe zve, support your own and stop labelling these female artists

  4. we are not against entertainment but Againet Universal nudity and global insanity as potrayed by the dress of these female prostitute artist. All these western CELEBS have caused the erosion of all moral fibres even hear in Africa esp SA and Nigeria… and Zim is going there kungasibuyanga nje….
    We appeal for modesty bahavoiur and dress in all our arts fraternity…

    1. Ask yourself why they end up doing that. That’s the point she is putting across, if these female artists get funding they will run their empires proffesionally. They end up doing all sorts of nonsense because they need to put food on the table.Government indeed should look into it

  5. If the world is sayin they are SEx workers, they (Artist) should proove otherwise. Just like others say the Police are thieves… They (police) should proove otherwise… etc… prove the world wrong by doing the right thing… ivelaphi intuthu kungekho mlilo?

  6. Beyonce naMinaj mahure,unozviziva wani

  7. Chamu Mudzingaidzwa

    Its a man’s world. Look at what is happening in Hollywood, the sex scandals!!

  8. Sex workers indeed they are coz they sell sex by dancing suggestively and dressing for it.Asvotwa ngaabude

    1. Did she mention which genre, read with understanding she said women in art meaning vese ana Dudu Manhenga Selmor Mtukudzi just to mention but a few

  9. Well said Enisia

  10. I’m 100% behind women in art empowerment well said

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