Enjoy variety for the wheel to keep turning


What is a winner? How do you recognise one? What preferred yardstick can one employ in identifying one? These are the questions you may be having in life and you seem not to find a satisfying answer. You are not lost, just keep reading.


“To me, a winner is someone who recognises their God-given talents, works on them to develop them into skills and uses the skills to accomplish his goals. Even while I lost, I still learned something,” noted Larry Page.

What is it that can be learnt from such? It is nothing other than the spirit of winning.

Winning is the easiest game of all. Why? Because it is not as difficult as assumed.

However, it is always complicated by those who have failed before. Because they have failed, they think others can not do it.

These are the people who tried to score and their goals were denied. From there they tried to celebrate, but their celebrations were turned into great disappointments.

Remember this now

There are people who may be in your circle of influence who enjoy to blow the trumpet with a unique rhythm so much that on hearing their “carol” you may think its worthy the attention your precious ears. These are the people who accepted failure to an extent that they now worship it.

It’s fantastic to be yourself

Have you ever realised that sometimes it’s good to copy others, but its fantastic to be yourself. Being yourself is the best way to go. It is the route that will take you very far. It will force your closed doors to open.

Just be yourself as this will usher in a sweet-smelling scent in life one day.

It makes life very enjoyable, because this game of life is always spiced up with varieties.

Failure to accept this is just like pressing a self-destructive button. It is like denying that the sun will rise after setting. It is just unacceptable.

It is like taking a single step forward and two steps backwards. It is a move that brings no progress.

The opportunistic headmaster

In a certain land, a headmaster noted a common mistake among most of the parents. The mistake worried him a lot. The mistake is still common today.

The mistake revolved on the attitude parents had on their children whenever the results of their children were on the negative side of the fence.

Most of them were disappointed. They were taking it as a real issue. So they became very bitter with their children. Thus, it had created a very bad atmosphere in the learning of their children.

So to address this problem the head decided to write the following touching letter to those parents:

Dear parents,

The examination of your children is just around the corner and you are very anxious to have your child do well. As a school, we definitely expect that. That is very normal. That is superb, we cherish it.

It is also our desire to see them do well. However, it is very important to note that children are different. They were born with unique talents.

In your child there is an artist who does not need to know maths. There is also an athlete whose physical fitness is more important than physics. In them we also have entrepreneurs who do not care about History or English literature.

He continued, if your child gets top marks, that is great. But if he or she does not, please do not take away their self-confidence and dignity.

Tell them it is okay, it is just an exam. They are built for much bigger things in life.

The conclusion of the matter

The optimistic head then went on to conclude his letter by throwing in a touch of inspiration when he said:

“Please do this, then you do watch your child conquer the world. Remember one failed examination or low mark won’t take away their talents.”

Enjoy variety. Delight in being yourself. It can be done. Be blessed.