EMA communication channels


The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) was established to ensure sustainable management of natural resources and the protection of the environment.

This can only be achieved through stakeholder participation, which a can be accomplished through active participation. Communication between the agency and communities is key in ensuring that the mainstream sustainable environmental practices in their everyday life and work.

The agency’s vision of “a safe, clean and healthy environment supporting an empowered society and a growing economy” can only be achieved with stakeholder participation.

A stakeholder is any organisation, governmental entity, community or individual that has a stake in or may be impacted by a given approach to environmental regulation, pollution prevention, energy conservation among others.

Stakeholders in environmental management

The Environmental Management Agency has identified 25 stakeholder groupings which include; schools, corporates, churches, communities, members of the public, farmers, miners, industrialists, retailers, transporters, vendors, local authorities, government ministries and departments. This list clearly shows that everyone is a stakeholder and, therefore, has the right to participate in activities, which benefit the environment. The environment is for us all, let us cherish and preserve it for the benefit of present and future generations.

How can EMA be contacted?

Members of the public have a vital role to play in the protection of their immediate environment, as they are on the ground most of the time. They can notice some changes in the environment as well as illegal activities that might be taking place in their areas. If any information of this sort has been gathered, members of the public ought to:

l Educate others, who might be polluting or doing injustice to the environment

l Report environmental crimes

l Give feedback to EMA on any environmental issue through:

— Our toll free : 08080028

Our whatApp platform which is +263 779565707

— Our contact us platform on www.ema.co.zw

— Email eep@ema.co.zw

— Facebook: Environmental Management Agency

— Twitter: @EMAeep

— Landline +263 4 305550 /305407/305309/305188

The support of the community is essential and critical in building a sound environment by making green choices and, thus, enhancing sustainable livelihoods. Community and business leaders should promote environmentally-responsible lifestyles through their everyday decisions and actions.

How does EMA relate to the community?

According to section 4 of the Environmental Management Act (Chapter 20:27) of 2003, it is everyone’s environmental right to have “access to environmental information”. So as the Agency, we make this information available to every member of the community.

EMA therefore:

l Communicates and raises awareness using tailor-made strategies to meet various stakeholder’s needs, such as; commemorations, roadshows, mobile awareness, community awareness meetings, radio and television programmes, as well as production and distribution of environmental literature.

l Builds capacity within communities through workshops and trainings

l Empowers communities through translating information into action. This is based on the principle of thinking globally but acting locally. This empowers communities through coming up with local solutions for their problems through project implementation
What is the importance of stakeholder feedback to EMA?

Community feedback helps to:

l Fine-tune EMA’s environmental programmes and strategies

l Give EMA guidance on how to improve

l Rate EMA’s level of success in meeting people’s environmental demands.

l Prioritise issues for the benefit of communities

Add your voice to conservation by airing your views and opinions to us for a clean, safe and healthy environment.

l Facts, Tips and Updates are published weekly by the Environmental Management Agency. Send your feedback to; eep@ema.co.zw. Follow us on Facebook; Environmental Management Agency and Twitter; @EMAeep or visit our website www.ema.co.zw.

Alternatively, call us on: Tel 04-305550/305407 and Toll-free 08080028; or use our Whatsapp platform 0779565707. We are ready to listen.