Dynamite comes in small packages


Universally-decorated, success and business mogul, Bill Gates, in his book, Thinking Ahead, said something mouthwatering when he declared that: “History is full of now ironic examples — [remember] the Oxford professor who in 1878 dismissed the electric light bulb as a gimmick, [and life proved he was wrong], the commissioner of US patents, who in 1899, asked that his office be abolished because “everything that had been invented has been invented”.


Imagine such handicapped words from a US patent commissioner? How weird was the conclusion from such an honourable office bearer?

Never forget that most of the people’s life perspective in general is not true. They are destructive as opposed to being constructive. They will never take you anywhere. They won’t help you in anyway.

Why? Because they are clothed in a tattered jacket of disempowering disbelief.

What people tend to share normally, is their own failed experiences which they want to attach to your unique life journey.

The different player

But you are different player altogether. Playing in a different game, in a different team for the different objective. Yes you are different. Different in every iota.

Where do you stand?

Are you devastated, scared and numb? Do you feel like your life is like a directionless wave which just move as the winds dictates?

For now just hold tightly to this inspiring column. It will take you higher than where you were before.

Don’t be intimidated by anything even the life statistics. Don’t let it make you feel like you are nothing. You aren’t nothing. You are something huge in reality.

Go for something bigger

ou are bigger than your current status.

Wait a minute, why not go for something bigger, better and faster?

“If you are looking for something new in life, something more fulfilling, exciting or a new path to travel on, you just found it,” articulated Bob Proctor. You are on the right path right now. It’s not far. It’s just within you now.

You may have been facing you own tall order. Taller than the tallest ones.

A real true difficulty challenge. One that makes you lose sleep. Lose the energy and the driving appetite to enjoy your usual life challenges.

Be steady, bigger things are on your way.

Don’t go too far for you to get far ahead, just be in a relaxed mood.

Robert Kiyosaki and his teacher

Ever heard about the American business tycoon, by the name Robert Kiyosaki?

Of all his days at school, Robert Kiyosaki says he had only two teachers who inspired him. So what was the inspiring story behind that? He says his favourite teacher of all was once a B7 pilot during World War II.

The man was just unfortunate to be shot down during war. He was almost captured, but managed to escape. He did not give up because of the impending capture, he fought his way out.

After that he soldiered on, fought his battles and went on to became a professor at the most coveted and prestigious Harvard University.

The teacher

Later on in life the ambitious future billionaire, Kiyosaki met his inspiring mentor. Because he was inspired by him he had a lot to ask. One of the questions he had for his teacher, was: “What is the meaning of life?” asked the inquisitive future billionaire.

The professor’s answer was simple, “adventure”. He continued, “go for it.” Don’t wait too long.

Remember the words by one speaker who once said all great people who went on to achieve greatness managed to use only less than a 10th of their mental faculties.

Imagine if they had used all their mental faculties? How this world was going to be? What inventions could have men had achieved by now?

The teacher’s wisdom

He continues, his response: “Was not the usual mantra about studying in school and get a job. He inspired me and that is why I became a pilot in Vietnam. It was one of the best adventures I could have ever had.”

In life there is always a seat reserved for the adventurous. Those who are ready to try new things. These are the champions of thinking outside the box. Those are the people who won’t take a no for an answer. They will burn everything to the dot in order yo achieve what they want.

It can be done. Be blessed.