Dube to present war vets welfare Bill in Parly

Tshinga Dube

WAR Veterans minister Tshinga Dube told Parliament last week that his ministry would soon present a Bill to address issues to do with the welfare of former freedom fighters.


“We need to start off by bringing a Bill to align the War Veterans Act with the Constitution and then we go to specific benefits that will accrue to the war veterans,” Dube said, adding the proposed Bill would enable the setting-up of a war veterans board.

“As I speak now, the Bill is already in Cabinet, and any day from now, it will go through Cabinet and come to Parliament for crafting in the next few weeks,” he said as several legislators accused him of taking long to address war veterans’ concerns.

“War veterans are suffering out there and your term is almost coming to an end, minister. At least tell us one thing that you have been pushing so that war veterans will appreciate that one of the ministers at least did something for them,” Musikavanhu MP Prosper Mutseyami (MDC-T) said.

Dube said he had only been the War Veterans minister for less than two years and people should appreciate that the war they fought was 37 years ago.

“If you are blaming me for the two years, I accept the blame, but if you are blaming me for the 37 years since the war ended when these issues should have been handled, then I think you are addressing them to the wrong person,” he said.


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