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Drum of Peace founder returns home


MULTI-GIFTED artist and Drums of Peace founder, Lewis Ndlovu, has returned home from a two-month tour of Europe, where he conducted several workshops and showcased his play, Lamentations at 12.


The writer and director, who is also a visual artist, is renowned for the paintings he did at Amakhosi Theatre and the White City Stadium for the Bulawayo Youth Games.

“My role is to provide a percussion, which enriches the dimension of the piece, capturing at different times the excitement of youth, the potency of nationalistic sentiment, the euphoria of victory as well as the devastation of torture,” Ndlovu said.

Lamentations at 12 is a Rooftop Promotions production written by Getrude Munhamo and directed by Daves Guzha. It features Munhamo and Dalma Chivereva.

It tells the story of the stolen age of innocence and roles of history and societal norms as well as lack of growth and change in attitude at various times in human evolution.

“This was a very good tour for me and I have achieved a lot. I noticed a lot of things we do in Zimbabwe are totally different from what I witnessed during the tour. The methods used in teaching are different from ours as the people there prefer a written script, unlike us,” he said.

Ndlovu said the play was showcased at the Edinburgh Festival fringe for a full month before moving to London, Kent, Portsmouth and Leicester (in England) and the Netherlands.

“We also visited France, Nice and Monaco respectively, on a five-day long trip that will see us participate in a number of festivals there in 2018,” he said.

The play, which was launched in July this year, has also seen the crew touring Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Mali, Malawi and Mozambique and is now scheduled for Sweden, South Africa and Morocco.

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