I don’t want a husband or kids: Chichi Letswalo


JOHANNESBURG — Chichi Letswalo has made up her mind about the things that make her happy and is adamant they do not include a husband and children.

She said she has witnessed all of her friends get married then get divorced and‚ having empathised with them during that “painful” process‚ she knew for sure it was not for her.

“I don’t want to get married personally‚ ever. I don’t believe you need to get married in order to be a professional‚ to have a family or to be happy. I don’t want to get married and I don’t want children. It is a personal choice and a promise I have,” she said.

The actress explained that her decision came from her sense of self-awareness. She said being aware of her do’s and her don’ts made her realise that she isn’t “built” for a life of husband and children.

She said putting herself first and being honest enough to admit that she is not made to handle marriage and raising kids‚ was an act of love in her eyes.

“Certain people aspire to have a family and children‚ I am not one of them. I have different aspirations‚” she said.

“It’s never been a dream of mine to have a husband and kids. The thought of it actually gives me anxiety. I think children are wonderful. A family is wonderful‚ but I feel like the world has changed so much and women have revolutionised themselves so much that you can choose to the kind of women you want to be.”

Chichi explained that she enjoyed relationships and loves “being in love”, but wanted the freedom to pursue her dreams.

She said she refuses to be bullied by status quo into doing things she knows will not bring her any joy.

“I just want to be able to the things that I love‚ things that make me happy. Surrounded by people that love me‚ who I love in return. Presenting‚ being with people and acting‚ those things give my soul joy.”— Sowetan Live


    • When age catches up with you and beauty is good and you are no longer pursuing your so called dreams and you are now by yourself with either a dog or a cat then you will understand the importance of having at least a kid even if you are not married.Just because had bad marriage doesn’t necessarily mean you will also have one.Imagine leaving the world without a biological legacy of your own!Horrible.Simply admit that you are a lesbian instead of giving us that hypocritical lecture about kids being wonderful yet you don’t have one!!!

  1. There is nothing wrong being a lesbian. How do you know that she is a lesbian? Its her personal choice and you must respect that.

  2. Comment…l simply think she is not being true to herself.One day will surely come when reality will strike.

  3. Someone needs to f*ck her brains out for once. Then she will be able to appreciate the pleasure of marriage and the joy of having such a good time every night. All she is lacking right now is a man who will do her justice. She is in outer darkness and doesn’t know what she is really missing. Painful, this day and age a woman doesn’t know how to enjoy life

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