Demolition of Matapi hostels not a solution

Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa

CALLS by Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa for the Harare City Council to demolish the densely populated Mbare’s Matapi hostels in order to decisively deal with the perennial typhoid outbreaks, only show how out of touch the Zanu PF ministers have become.

Instead of proffering a long-term solution to the disease outbreaks in one of the country’s oldest suburbs, Parirenyatwa believes that destroying the flats will yield better results. He does not even think about the accommodation of the thousands of families housed there. Honestly, if a house owner discovers that their house is infested with bed-bugs does one have to demolish the house?

The rationale behind Parirenyatwa’s utterances are questionable to say the least. It is unfortunate that at a time Zimbabweans expected the Zanu PF regime to deliver service across the country, what they get is a plan to further impoverish them by demolishing the only place they call home.

Come on Parirenyatwa, the electorate are demanding service delivery and the destruction of their homes — another clean-up campaign is unbearable.

Besides, we had a chance to spruce up Matapi flats a couple of years back when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation proposed to fund the construction of high rise flats in Mbare and Dzivarasekwa, but as always Zanu PF threw the spanners in the works.

So, instead of Parirenyatwa proposing to destroy the flats he should have come up with a plan and finances to rebuild the same.

Parirenyatwa should understand that typhoid outbreaks are not only to do with uncollected garbage, but lack of water provision in most urban neighbourhoods.

Citizens are aware that Parirenyatwa, like everyone in the Zanu PF gravy train, they are enjoying — besides staying in plush suburbs they are living large, while the majority are wallowing in abject poverty.

Now that Parirenyatwa wants the filthy flats demolished, can he favour Zimbabweans with the status of major hospitals he presides over. Harare Central Hospital and Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals and the general state of the health sector across Zimbabwe — what has become of them? Is it not ironic that President Robert Mugabe rewards mediocrity for as long his ministers do not show the ambition to take-over from him some day?

It boggles the mind even how Parirenyatwa can be shocked by the state of health in the country yet he was appointed to look after the sector. Is he not negating his role?

Zimbabweans demand some seriousness from Parirenyatwa. His dismal performance is not pleasing at all. It is now a fact that whenever one is admitted to any of the public hospital, they are bound to get worse and the prospects of coming out feeling much better are remote, yet the minister has the moral to want to further the anguish of the people.

We call on Parirenyatwa to up his game and address key drivers of typhoid in order to permanently stop future recurrences. And we believe council, government and other stakeholders should put their heads together to save lives rather than politicising the looming disaster.


  1. Its a solution as the government has plenty of land for resettling these people by building new flats and that area could be used for other business ventures in Mbare or expansion of the rural bus terminus.

    • Government building new flats? This current government doing that? I’m not sure if you are serious or just plain deluded.

      • Plain stupid indeed. If they have a tuckshop as a hospital surely expecting them to build flats is being deluded to lowest order. So maybe Parirenyatwa may also suggest government must demolish Parirenyatwa and Harare Hospitals. The best I think must happen is people in these flats to form committees and make their areas habitable, surely this idea that they think someone from whatever will come and fix their own flats is wrong. They could start a fund – yes those people from my research make money, then use it to spruce up their habitat. It is very possible.

    • wake u fool when was the last tym zanu build anything for the pipo.shut the fuck up if u dont have any to rap u moron

  2. Retrogressive mentality typically found in Africa – “burn down the shit house” because it’s smelly. Let’s address the root cause and then there will be nothing to worry about.

  3. This could also be a campaign gimmick. His boss will soon come to the people’s rescue by stopping the demolitions & they will stupidly celebrate afterwards. We know the story, as usual.

    • they are being paid to act ignorant publicly ,but a youth with fine cognitive acuity should see these tricks and register to vote come 2018

  4. demolishing is not bad in the future but for now its a very bad idea ,you cant utter words like such without proposing a plan for resettling the mbare residents ……actually i think in the future kwacho mbare shldnt be demolished ,its history ‘our own history’,we preserve history not destroy it , let there be a plan in dealing with typhoid like now…temperatures are high they promote growth of microrganisms.

  5. Do you know if each family can deliberately fix its own part, repaint its part and then do piping correctly for sanitation and then have a common fund to build a pipe for sewerage to some wasteland which should be allocated by City of Harare that place could be a nice place to be.

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