Dee Em ropes Stunner in new single

David Maposa known as Dee Em

Emerging Afro-pop artiste, David Maposa known as Dee Em on the showbiz scene has engaged the Zimbabwean’s multi award winning rapper Stunner to give a cutting edge to his recently released single titled sober sense.

By Tafadzwa Gondo

David Maposa known as Dee Em

With a Dutch courage, Dee Em belongs to those who fantasize about beer. This ‘guild’ of bhawa-rangers (rhyming with Power Rangers) would rather lose a woman than their beer.

Speaking to Newsday about the collabo with Stunner he said it was more of a divine appointment.

“As an upcoming artist I had a lot of great artists I admired when I started my musical journey and Stunner is not an exception. It’s like a dream come true, a lion and cub” he said

Dee Em’s music is all about humour and the current affairs at stake and by blending with Stunner who is well renowned for his hard hitting lyricism the track became a hit from birth and now it’s a ghetto anthem
“As has become a norm aligned to the ZimDancehall movement liquor and these people are like soulmates hence we came up with a piece that tells a story about the surviving drunkards” he added

Sober sense taken from sobered mind usually describes people who generally shy away from alcoholic substances. These people are said to be in their sound mind.

Working like antidepressants to some, getting tipsy is the way out of Zimbabwe’s horrid and stressful economic environment.

The track was produced by Temptation Chirenje popularly known as T.Man of Mt Zion music.