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Cops sue caustic soda victim


A VICTORIA FALLS woman, who was allegedly forced to sit on deadly caustic soda, severely burning her privates by police officers who accused her of loitering for purposes of prostitution, has been summoned to appear in court on allegations of pouring beer at the law enforcement agents.

By Nokuthaba Dlamini

Zibusiso Moyo (30) of Chinotimba suburb, who is still battling for her life since her June 27 alleged physical torture, was last week accused of Contravening section 41 of Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act Chapter (2) c/s 116 (1) of the Liquor Licensing Act chapter 14:2 “Prohibited Conduct by any person in a public place”.

She is set to appear in court on Friday.

According to Moyo’s statement, the June 27 incident took place at around 3am near Jehovah’ Witness Church building in Chinotimba where she was stopped by 10 police officers, who were in a vehicle and ordered to get into the vehicle and sit down.

Moyo said a few seconds later, she felt a burning sensation and immediately alerted the officers, who allegedly ignored her as they carried on with their patrols while she was languishing in pain.

She claimed that some of the police officers could be heard complaining about the acid which was corroding their shoes.

She said when they arrived at the charge office, she couldn’t walk nor sit, so she had to sleep on the floor facing downwards after removing her trousers and pants, but none paid attention to her until later that morning when they decided to drive her to hospital.

A few days after her admission, Moyo suffered a miscarriage.

But, police have denied responsibility for Moyo’s and the other victim’s caustic soda injuries.

Officer Commanding Victoria Falls, Chief superintendent Jairos Chiwona in a letter to the Victoria Falls Residents’ Association said:” Please be advised that it is true that Zibusiso Moyo and Philile Dube suffered burns at some stage before or after arrest, it is not true that the two were tortured by the police and it is not true that the arrest was illegal as both have pending criminal charges for which they are yet to appear in court.”

Moyo through her lawyer Thulani Nkala of Dube and Partners have since taken steps to seek justice.

According to sources, the deadly substance was recovered by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management
Authority officers along Kazungula Road and loaded into a police truck where Moyo was made to sit on.

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