Cop remanded for labelling boss ‘an idiot’

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba

The trial of a Zimbabwe Republic Police officer, who is accused of insulting the force’s spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba (pictured), by labelling her “an idiot”, has been postponed to October 18 due to the heavy load of matters being heard.


Magistrate, Nomsa Sabarauta, who is presiding over the bail applications of more than 20 foreign currency dealers accused of violating the Exchange Control Act, asked the State to look for a date suitable for the trial.

But prosecutor, Oscar Madhume asked the court to consult his witness given her “high office”.

After some minutes of consulting, Madhume asked the court to reschedule other cases to be heard on the date to allow Charamba to testify.

Sabarauta warned Charamba that if she failed to appear in court on the date, she would be issued with a warrant of arrest.

Other witnesses are Silas Kutadza and Samasowa Fanuel.

Allegations are that on May 15 this year, Mabasa sent a message to a WhatsApp group, which read: “The police used to hold meetings with magistrates and other law enforcement stakeholders to map a way forward, reducing lawlessness, but now it’s the other way round, the public have meetings with lawyers on ways to disregard (the) police. The public relations office is headed by an idiot, who doesn’t know that she has to encourage the public to be compliant to the police.”

Investigations were carried out and revealed that the phone belonged to Mabasa and a follow-up was made, leading to his arrest.


  1. Mabasa must contact (mobile phone) wiz kids on this issue who can unravel how anyone can pretend to be somebody else and circulate a whats-app message. This can easily be done – there is an app to “prevent” to be somebody else on whatss-app

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