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Code nominates Mangoma as presidential candidate


THE Coalition for Democrats (Code) has nominated Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) leader Elton Mangoma as its presidential candidate in the 2018 elections.


The coalition also elected Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa as the supreme council chairperson, who also becomes the leader of the grouping.

The coalition has nine parties, namely, Zapu, RDZ, Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe led by Barbara Nyagomo, Zimbabweans United for Democracy Party (Farai Mbira), Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (Gilbert Dzikiti), African Democratic Party (Marceline Chikasha), Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (Simba Makoni) and ZimFirst (Maxwell Shumba).

Both Dzikiti and Mbira, who have a separate arrangement with the National People’s Party (NPP), absented themselves from the elective meeting.

The leaders expressed confidence of winning the 2018 elections although they said they would not distribute the seats, but would support the most popular candidate in a particular area.

Makoni, Chikasha and Shumba are other members of the supreme council, while the post of vice-president will be filled at a later stage.

Mangoma said they would focus on turning around the economy and job creation, among other priority issues.

“Fear is one of the greatest challenges in this country and as we go to the issue of voting and voter registration, fear is being used in our people,” he said.

“We also want to fight corruption and not by word as Zanu PF do. As far as we are concerned, we are going to fight corruption and build the nation of Zimbabwe to make sure that everyone feels they are Zimbabwean with no first-class or second-class citizens.”

Mangoma said they would take the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to task to ensure transparency in the management of elections.

Dabengwa, who dismissed speculation that he would join NPP, said he was firmly behind Code.

He said when looking at other political players in the country, Code was the best alternative going forward.

“We are going through into the elections collectively, but obviously, as our coalition candidate (Mangoma) will be leading the electoral team, while I concentrate on making sure the party gets the necessary support so that we can achieve success,” he said.

Commenting on their chances of winning the elections, Dabengwa said: “If the people of Zimbabwe are happy with the status quo, then perhaps our chances are remote, but if they are feeling the pinch like we do, where you get up to queue at the bank at 4am to get $50, then I think we will be able to win.”

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  1. kwanai mhani vana mangoma , matrumwa here, ndimi munoita kuti opposition is awinner. moita kunge mapositori aekuti musango evry ten mteres church . go back to sender

  2. After reading the above article . I am not surprised why it took far too long to free this country. We are not united or simply we are power hungry.

  3. KKKKKKKKK hayaaa…so Mangoma in his normalor abnormal senses thinks that he can win the elections????Regai VaChiwenga vakati imwai tea munyarare….ndochii ichocho..nana Dabengwa vanhu vakuru kupusiswa zvakadaro..nxa

  4. Comment…i used to think that people like Simba Makoni nd Dumiso Dabengwa are serious polical players who have the people’s concerns at heart. it’s only now that am becoming to realise that they are doomed Havana kutokwana vatengesi. these are just power hungry politicians who can never be taken seriously vatengesi chaivo chii chavari kutiitira ichochi kuda kudivider mavotes chete eopposition they deserve to have their houses burnt for this evil they are doing

  5. After all these years the educated still don’t see the difference between day and night. what a circus.People should learn how to learn

  6. Vana Makoni navana Dabengwa ava vanenge vave nezvinotovanetsawo. A doctor, shuwashuwa kufunga kuti presidency ingahwinwa naMangoma. Lets be serious. These guys are just throwing spanners into the works and possibly get handsomely paid for that.

  7. Saka muchiramba muchitongwa neZANU nekuti munoshora munhu vese. mangoma is a very decent and sober guy but hamudi vanhu kwawo. Ko chii chavatadza apa we CODE they elected someon eto representthem. Who says opposition politics is the preserve of Morgan only. we are the very reason why now Mugabe is refusing kubva because our metality is that there are only those vari supposed to be elected. In democracy people are free to be elected and elect who they want. Now watch this space Mangoma is going places.

  8. Pfutseke wenyu mese iright dzavo kana uchida mdc endakooo ini ndiri zanu pf yakakwana unotenderwa futi kutanga political party muzim full stop mubatanidzwa watsvangi ndewake nehutsvangi hwake nonsense mangoma aita sei?endai munoregister kwete kutaura kwamusina kuswera ndimi musina ma$5 eproof of residence

  9. These mushrooming fly-by-night parties/alliances have no policy statement or manifesto. They are mere creations of a third hand with a ulterior motive to derail the main objective of the opposition. Let us shun our partsanship and seek leaders with moral character and adminstrative skills to manage the complexities of fragile Zimbabwe. Voters beware!

  10. the good thing is .by 2018….instead of 85 political parties on the ballot paper we will have 10 alliances..which is great ..lesss confusion for the voters

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