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Up close and personal with Baba Harare


Contemporary musician, Braveman Chizvino, popularly known as Baba Harare, recently left Jah Prayzah’s Third Generation band to launch a solo career.

Baba Harare left the band in a cloud, amid claims that he was unhappy with the remuneration, but he dismissed the claims as unfounded.

The musician has collaborated with Sungura ace, Alick Macheso and Progress Chipfumo in his debut album Chikwama Changu and will also be collaborating with Jah Prayzah in his next album set for release next month. NewsDay Lifestyle Reporter Precious Chida (ND) caught up with Baba Harare (BC), who opened up his music career and other issues. Below are the excerpts:

ND: It’s been almost a year since you embarked on your journey as a solo artiste, how has been the going so far?

BC: We did our first project, which was just an introduction of me as a solo artiste, and I think we have been accepted across the length and breadth of the country.

ND: Did your debut album, Chikwama Changu, reach your expectations?

BC: As you are aware, you cannot be born and start walking (immediately), so I think we reached our target with Chikwama Changu.

ND: You launched an album in January and now you are launching another one in November. Is that not a very short space of time?

BC: We are playing live shows as a band and we saw the need to have a follow-up project because we intend to put as much content on the market as possible and so there is a lot of creativity in my mind and I am just showcasing it.

ND: Many musicians, especially those who are upcoming, often struggle financially. What has been your experience?

BC: We are working hard every day and the results are there. We have been holding shows week in and week out, but the economic situation is challenging for everyone. However, personally, I am surviving, and so is my band.

ND: Give us a brief overview of your time with the Third Generation band.

BC: We worked so well together and I learnt a lot of things from the team. However, I finally thought of leaving and I left peacefully and I want to wish them well.

ND: Do you have moments when you regret leaving the band?

BC: I have worked with the Third Generation band and I am proud we built something big together and I am delighted of the time I was with them, but now I have started my solo career and I am now focused on that.

ND: What is the nature of your relationship with Jah Prayzah?

BC: We are brothers, having worked together for such a long time and we will continue to assist each other in many ways.
ND: What immediate plans do you have as a musician?

BC: We are almost through with our album, which will have 13 songs, as we did with the previous album, Rinenge Riri Gango. We will be introducing Baba Harare with a difference, which will be a surprise on this album which will also be featuring Jah Prayzah and Mathias Mhere.

ND: You have collaborated with Alick Macheso and Progress Chipfumo. What was the experience like?

BC: Well it was a great experience to be able to work with guys who have been in the game for long and the support motivated me to work harder every day, because for them to be where they are it was all hard work.

ND: Are you able to survive entirely on music in Zimbabwe?

BC: You have to supplement with other projects because it’s not easy, but with how we have started, I think with proper planning we can earn a descent living through our music in the long run.

ND: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

BC: I am inspired by a lot of things, but my biggest inspiration is the word of God and the will to spread love.

ND: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

BC: In the next 10 years I intend to grow my brand to be a household name and also go international.

ND: Lastly, tell us one thing that people don’t know about you?

BC: I am a Christian and I go to church. I also like sport.

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