CIO sued over $500k terminal benefits

Vice President Kembo Mohadi

THE Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) has been taken to court alongside State Security minister Kembo Mohadi by a former operative, Joseph Alick Nkala, who is demanding $500 000 in terminal benefits and packages.


Nkala, who is the former head of signals, filed the summons against the secret service on October 23 through his lawyers Messrs Machaya and Associates citing the organisation and Mohadi as respondents in the matter.

In his declaration, Nkala said the CIO had not done anything pertaining to his dues since his services were unceremoniously terminated in 2006.

“The plaintiff (Nkala) joined the first defendant (CIO) in 1985 and served as a loyal officer and on June 1, 2003, he was appointed as the head signals (PIO), which position he held until his service was unceremoniously terminated on September 28, 2006,” Nkala said.

“When the first defendant terminated the plaintiff’s service after he had served it for 21 years, it did not tender any of his terminal benefits and packages which he was entitled to, but proceeded to frustrate every effort made by plaintiff to have his issue resolved.”

Nkala said he simply received a letter from the pensions office advising him of the refund of his pension contributions.

“The plaintiff received from the pensions office a letter referenced ‘refund of pension contributions and terminal benefits’ with a flimsy (sic) amount of $4 638, 62. Considering that it is now 11 years after termination, the plaintiff was head signal (PIO) and also that all efforts by plaintiff to resolve the issue amicably were frustrated, the figure tendered by the first defendant in settlement is more of an insult than refund,” Nkala said.

“Wherefore plaintiff claims for $500 000 which amount is broken down as follows: $350 000 settlement of the 21 years of service rendered to the service and $150 000 damages for the 11 years of deprivation of the said settlement and interest thereon commencing from the date of service of the summons.”

Both the CIO and Mohadi are yet to enter appearance to defend notices.


  1. True thing. After the hostile apartheid regime in South Africa came to an end what use does the CIO serve? All charlie ten operatives must know that the nation of Zimbabwe does not need their services any more. That their activities currently are to ensure Mugabe’s stay in power means they ought to demand pay from him and ZPF and not expect taxpayer’s to foot the bill. I hope the courts award this guy nothing.

    • well said progressive zimbo.this guy should either approach gushungo dairy or zanu pf because his services where serving mugabe and zanu pf only.#dontemptyourgvtpurse

  2. Aikaka. Simba na Musketeer muri varwere. Have you ever heard nyika isina secret service. Mukawana nguva muite mushe.

  3. Sibusisiwe dai wambowongorwa naChiremba we pfungwa. Saka totevedzera zvoitwa nedzimwe nyika pasina need…Horaiti ngatitewo nuclear weapons programme yedu nokuti America, Russia, North Korea vane ma-nuclear weapons Iran iri kumashuvira.

  4. Apart from having approached a wrong forum,the plaintiff certainly stands to fall on prescription, whether it is in terms of the Prescription Act or the Labour Act. Hameno, tegee tichinzwa zvinofamba sei.

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