Botswana hits back at Mugabe


THE Botswana government has sarcastically hit back at President Robert Mugabe for “wrongly” insinuating that that country’s Foreign Affairs minister Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi lost her bid to land the Africa Union chairperson’s post due lack of support from President Ian Khama.


Mugabe early this week told the Zimbabwe-South Africa Bi-national Commission in Pretoria that Venson-Moitoi lost because Khama did not support her candidature.

The remarks did not go down well with Khama’s government, which yesterday hit back in a sarcastic statement, insinuating that Mugabe’s advanced age was taking a toll on him.

“The International Affairs and Co-operation ministry wishes to respond to the recent media reports in which His Excellency Robert Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, blamed the loss of the candidature bid of Botswana’s Foreign minister Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi for the position of the chairperson of the African Union Commission, on the lack of support by His Excellency, Lieutenant General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama, President of the Republic of Botswana,” the Botswana government said in a statement.

“In this connection, the government of Botswana has taken note of the comments and regrets these inaccurate and unfortunate remarks.

“However, the ministry chooses not to comment any further out of respect for President Mugabe’s advanced age and, as such, understands that allowances need to be made.”

Mugabe and Khama have had frosty relations for some time.


    • JUST because you are an opposition puppet, it does not mean you idiocy can not go unchallenged, your immaturity and that of Batswana puppets’ response does not mean what the President mentioned is false. If anything, that is what exactly happened and it cost the sadc region a loss. Like it or not, they chose to be sarcastic because they do not have the material facts to support their homosexual khama.

      • kkkk u dont facts baba. the response from Botswana is hard to swallow my dear. sit back and relax and enjoy the bond note

  1. This advanced age is characterized by such things as loss of memory, commenting unnecessarily, etc. forgive him Dr. Khama it actually not his fault. The Zim populace is to blame for letting him rule the country at such an advanced age. Its really pathetic that even Africa is letting him do that esp SA, our neighbors must take action in this bid we are taking to remove him from power and avoid the creation of a dynasty. His wife, marunjata seems to have taken the reigns now. Jabulani Sibanda described it as bedroom coup, and its happening now. God forbid.

  2. Why a full ministry decide to respond in a sarcastic manner, that’s true Sekuru havanyepe this Khama is a disgrace in SADC. She didn’t get support from the highest office of that land.

  3. This Knama was suppose to have servered relationship with this Mugabe thing a long time ago, look what he is now doing to you.

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