Bonyongwe sued over car hire services


Barely a week after being sworn into office, Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs minister Happyton Bonyongwe has been taken to court by CMED (Pvt) Ltd, which is seeking to recover $251 685 for the vehicles hired out to the governments’ ministry.

The parastatal issued summons against the former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) director-general in his official capacity on October 10 this year and he is yet to enter his appearance to defend.

In the court papers CMED said sometime between 2014 and 2017, it entered into several agreements with Bonyongwe’s ministry in terms of which it hired out vehicles as requested.

“The plaintiff (CMED) fulfilled its obligations in terms of the agreements by providing the car hire services to the defendant (Justice minister). Defendant breached the agreements by paying only part of the amount, leaving a balance in the sum of $251 6850. Defendant is liable to pay the plaintiff the claimed amount, being the amount outstanding arising from car hire services which were rendered to defendant by plaintiff,” CMED said in its declaration.

CMED further said sometime in March 2016, through its lawyers, TK Hove and Partners, it wrote a letter of demand to the ministry but was never complied with.

“Defendant has refused, failed and/or neglected to pay the whole amount despite demand. Wherefore plaintiff claims from defendant: Payment of the sum of $251 580, 54 being the amount outstanding arising from car hire services which were rendered to defendant by plaintiff, interest thereon calculated at the prescribed rate and collection commission,” it said.

Bonyongwe is being represented by the Attorney-General’s Office.


  1. It is not Bonyongwe being sued. It is the ministry. Misleading article that exposes the sensationalizing tendencies of Newsday.

  2. I don’t see any need to mention Bonyongwe’s in this article; this is being reckless. There has been a minster upto the time of his appointment on Monday the 9th. Whats this meant to achieve? Even the timing of the legal battle leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. Clearly someone is being mischievous on this one. That’s why some Journalists need some physical “disciplining” – they are plain naughty and malicious.

    Musahochema kana morohwa

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