Beitbridge socialite dies in car crash doing 300km/h

A BEITBRIDGE socialite died in a high speed car crash on Sunday night, where he was allegedly driving at 300/ hour.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesman Inspector Philisani Ndebele could not be reached for comment, but police sources identified the deceased as John Kolosa, a popular motor vehicle clearing agent based at Beitbridge Border Post.

Sources said Kolosa died on the spot after sideswiping another car with his recently imported six-speed VW GTI, which rolled for more than 150 metres from the point of impact.

His friend, a male nurse identified only as Irvine, miraculously survived with a fractured wrist.

The driver of the other car, a South African-registered Toyota pick-up truck, was hospitalised together with Irvine.

A young woman who dropped off Kolosa’s car at Lutumba, where they had a few drinks before the fatal crash, spoke of a nightmarish ride from Lion and Elephant Hotel.

“He was doing 270 kilometres per hour and I could hardly believe when we got here,” she said.

Irvine told people who pulled him out of the mangled car that when they crashed, the speedometer needle was sitting on 300 km/h, above the normal take-off speed of commercial aeroplanes.

He is survived by his wife and an infant.


  1. Zethembe Ngobese

    Very foolish driver. He’s probably G40 gay gangster.

  2. he was a pupil at my high school in chikomba district,Mash East very cheerful and quite engaging, its very sad that he has departed in such a painful way, R.I.P John

  3. John cleared my brother’s cars and I met him once when I went to the border. He talked about how the Beit Bridge youth love speeding, and how he’d lost a few friends in crashes like this. Shame. John was a good guy. He’ll be missed by many. R.I.P.

  4. Rest in peace Sir Kolosi .

  5. John warwadzisa mwanangu. You died needlessly. uuum and you little daughter and young wife wotosara here shuwa. Anyway Mwari vanotora vavada nenguva yavada, nenzira yawada

  6. rest in peace sekuru wajohn

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