Beauty queen’s uphill struggle

Ashley Morgen

MISS Tourism Zimbabwe Ashley Morgen yesterday said she has not been able to do much of what she had planned at the beginning of her term, as the country’s most beautiful woman, due to circumstances beyond her control.


Morgen, who is scheduled to bow out on December 9 at the end of her year-long reign, told NewsDay that although her role as the country’s most beautiful woman for 2017 earned her respect from society, she was only going to fulfil some of her projects after handing over the crown to a new queen.

Morgen said she was going to carry out a sanitary wear campaign and other related girl-child projects after she was crowned four months ago, NewsDay has established.

But this did not get off the ground, as she was swarmed with domestic responsibilities.

“The problem is I cannot please everyone. I am human and I have a lot of duties that I have to carry out as a daughter,” she said.

The beauty said she had tried to use social media to reach potential funders, but there have been no firm commitments from potential funders to bankroll her projects.

“If I can inspire even two girls, for me that would be enough because I cannot be superman,” she said.

“It is hard as it is to get people on board, who can support you and back you up financially. I am a student and I might try to raise money, but that is as far as I can go.”

Morgen, however, said she was happy that her role has made her influential, as her voice now commanded respect.

“Before I was Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, even if I had valid points, it was hard to get people to listen to me and take my advice, but the title and the crown gave me that voice and now people take me more seriously,” she said.

The 22-year-old beauty shrugged off stiff competition from a bevy of 14 other beauties to scoop the crown in November last year, pocketing $20 000 prize money and receiving a car.